3 Weeks Summer Slim Body Plan


Ready for summer? Try this 21 days summer slim body plan to welcome this summer. 3 weeks plan for weight loss and slim body. 21 days weight loss challenge. Weight loss tips.

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Summer has come! You might be worried about wearing those old favorite dresses which are not fit now.

And even you can’t hide those belly tires in your big jackets and sweaters.

So, ladies! You don’t need to be worried.

Today’s we have comes up with 21 days plan to get slim body.

This slim body plan will guide you through diet to workouts and every small thing that we often neglect in weight loss.

Follow these 3 weeks summer slim plan, and try to exercise for at least 30 minutes, 6 days per week. You can pick any workouts from day one to last.

And later add up exercise into that,

Suppose if you choose beginner’s workout for weight loss initially, then keep it regular and start adding butt exercise, abs exercise, legs exercise, in next week workout for complete body toning.

Get ready to feel sexy, slim down, and amazing, this summer!

21 Days Summer Slim Down Challenge

Week 1:

Day 1: Get Ready Your Grocery Plan

Before hitting any slim down schedule, firstly plan for a grocery list to keep yourself away from unhealthy snacks and diet. Invest today’s 10-15 minutes in planning out meals for this first week.

Your grocery list should consist of lean proteins such as lean beef, pork, fish, eggs, and poultry; green leafy veggies such as spinach, kale, lettuce, cucumber, eggplant and asparagus; and lots of fruits. Or you can choose any of weight loss ingredients from the Dukan diet list. 

For breakfast & snacks, you can choose green smoothies for weight loss. Start by hitting 3 meals of all these ingredients.

Day 2: Open Up Your Body

On the second day, you need to prepare your body for next level, and that’s- workouts for fast results.

Challenge yourself with a full body toning 300 calorie burning workouts to tighten every inch. But if you are a beginner, then you can start an easy workout without any gym equipment!

Day 3: Drink Plenty of Water

Do you know that drinking more water helps us to lose many pounds?

If not then find the complete information on how much water we should be drinking to lose weight.

Drinking enough water keep your appetite fuller and satisfied. It will keep you hydrated, nourished and remove toxins from your body.

So remind yourself to drink up by setting alarm on your phone and computers. Extras water fight with your bloat and makes your skin to look younger. Know 8 best time to drink water. 

Day 4: Try Your Next Level Workout

It’s time to take your fitness level to the next level. Try this easy and quick morning workouts to wake up fresh and active every morning. This fat burning workout will help you to look slimmer and fit. And if you want to tone your legs and butt, then try this 10-minute workout for bigger butt and legs.

Day 5: Add Green Tea

As we all know that green tea helps to lose weight, and for faster results, you can combine it with your workouts. That’s why on the fifth day, we added green tea.

It promotes weight loss due to antioxidants that enhance your metabolism. Apart from that, it’s good for other health conditions too, like diabetes, blood pressure, skin problems and more.

So, why wouldn’t you drink more?

Shoot for 3 cups a day to reap its maximum benefits.

Day 6: Time To Try A New Workout

From 6th day, start working on your abs too. You need to add few moves to your old workouts schedules to makes your abs look killer. These moves will help you to burn fat around your belly and give you sexy flat tummy.

Day 7: Diet Plan for Next Skinny Week

Follow regular one week plan and along with this, take out some time to make a new diet plan for the week ahead. Now, you need to add 2 snacks meal in this diet plan. For low-calorie snacks, you can take ideas from any of these 20 snacks for weight loss.

Week 2:

Day 8: Catch More Zzz’s!

Do you know, sleep helps us to burn more calories?

Yes! That’s true.

The study says that people who take sleep fewer than 7 hours loss less weight than people who take enough sleep. So try going to bed 15-20 minute earlier than before sleeping time. Continue to work on your sleeping time gradually until you catch at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Sleeping enhances your beauty too. So, ladies get ready to look awesome by taking enough sleep. For good quality sleep, you can try sleeping yoga too.

Day 9: Pay Attention to Your Ingredients

Focus on healthy fats in snacking time, like avocados, almonds, apricot, and other zero calories foods such as watermelon, oranges, berries, and more.

Stay away from processed food, junk, and oily foods until you are into the plan.

Day 10: Time to Change Your Workouts

Again it’s time to enhance your looks by working on other body parts. This time, you need to workouts for the total body to shape up your body.

Getting an hourglass figure is the dream of almost every women, so why to ignore this curvy workout to shape up your body. Add few moves to your old schedule and see the magical transformation of your appearance.

Day 11: Eat Small Meals

Eating small proportion meals many times a day, help you to keep your appetite full and satisfied for longer. You can add detox drinks and other low-calorie juices into your small meals. Controlling your weight by eating a healthy diet is the super easy way to lose several pounds.

Day 12: Start A Journal

Now, you are doing lots of things from diet to workouts to make your body bikini perfect. It’s time to keep your eyes, on what you consume daily.

Record, what you eat throughout the day, as it will help you to be more aware of your hidden calories and mindless snacking. This will lead your diet in the right direction and promote your weight loss.

So start recording your meals and see which food is helping you to burn more calories. Stay focused on that. You can read other food journals for fewer calories food ideas.

Day 13: Stay Fuller With Fibers

Add more fibers to your diet, as more fibers will keep you stay fuller between meals. Eat quinoa, beans, avocados, almonds, or other high fibers fruits and nuts.

Day 14: Prepare Your Diet Plan For Next 7 Days

Start detoxifying your body by taking detox challenge. Try some tasty detox water for a flat belly and gorgeous skin.

Apart from fat burning, this water will boost your metabolism and keeps your digestive system active by removing toxins from your body.

Day 15: Note Your Sugar Consumption Every Day

During this plan, don’t use sugar in coffee, smoothies, juices, soda and most important sweets as being higher in calories, they give you unwanted bloating.

You know just avoiding sugar can give you far more compliments on your slim body. Check what to eat and avoid for weight loss.

Week 3:

Day 16: Transform Body with High-Intensity Workouts

It’s time to take your workouts at next level. Add few more high-intensity exercise for a flat belly, sexy butt and legs.

Or either you can increase the sets of exercises you are practicing till now. Check some fat burning moves to tone every inch of your slim body.

Day 17: Motivate With Music

If you feel it harder to slim down your weight, then you don’t need to feel nervous. Instead, update your playlist with good vibrational songs that keep you motivated along the way.

It will heal your mind and body and gives you strength to stay in this program.

Day 18: Keep Your Eyes on Nutrition Labels

From today, you need to check the nutritional quality of your every food you will prefer to eat. Labels containing high sodium can make your body to retain water and create bloating belly.

So try to avoid adding salt to any of your food and make sure the labels of what you are snacking don’t add up to more than 2300mg.

Day 19: Sexy Abs Challenge

Try new workouts for your abs and flat belly to tone your body in summer. This workout will sculpt your midsection and makes you ready for a beach perfect.

Day 20: Add Probiotic Food

Probiotic foods like Greek yogurt, cheese and tempeh aid with digestion and lead to a flat belly. So try to be more on them.

Day 21: Celebrate & Have Fun!

Now, welcome summer with new energy and start celebrating beach party, get together, and social gathering with more confidence. And share your slim-down secrets with your friends.

Have fun and laugh a lot, as laughing also tends to lose weight and keep you slim.


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