10 Easy Weight Loss Tips You Can Do Anywhere: Diet and Exercise


10 Easy Weight Loss Tips for fast result. Weight Loss, Lose Weight, Weight Loss Do and DontTips,

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The first things come to our mind for weight loss is workout and dieting. But without determining about which food to eat and which to avoid, these workouts are incomplete.

Before starting your weight loss journey, try these easy and simple tricks for weight loss.

These tricks will not reduce your 50 pounds in one day. But how fast you lose weight will depend on how focused you are on your diet.

Find some Do and Don’t Weight Loss tips for fast result:

Find some Do and Don't Weight Loss tips for fast result. 10 Tips to help you lose weight fast.

10 Tips to help you lose weight

1). Calculate required calorie your body needs:

Before starting anything for weight loss, just find out how many calories your body required. For example, if you are an inactive person, then multiply your weight (in pounds) by 15. If you are moderately active, then multiply your weight by 17; but, if you are active, then multiply weight with 20.

This calculation will give you the average calorie intake, your body needs per day and helps to avoid extra calorie in your weight loss plan.

2). Drink more water:

We all know that water is a healthy drink that does many miracles, and weight loss is one of them. In fact, 30-59% of US adults try to lose weight by increasing water intake (via). Drinking plenty of water can increases the amount of calorie burn.

A study monitored that overweight people who drank 1-1.5 liters of water daily for few weeks are significant to lose weight, body mass index, waist circumference, and fat. (via)

This is easiest weight loss tips and can be more effective if water is cold, as body use extra calorie to warm the water up to body temperature.

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3). Eats more fruits and veggie:

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Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fat, but high in fibers that help to lose weight naturally. Some fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that make us happy and protect from disease too.

Apart from weight loss, it enhances our mood and satisfies the necessary calorie intake which we get through food, but the best part is that not all fruits and vegetables contain weight gain fat. After eating you will feel as you have eaten the exact same amount of food. Add this best weight loss tips in your plan and results will amaze you.

4). Avoid trans fat:

Trans fat is highly dangerous for health that can be found in processed food like burger, fries, crackers, pizza, biscuits, and cakes. Trans fat help to give the product a longer shelf life but comes up with many health issues.

It raises your calorie intake which is not at all healthy and develops heart disease, cancer, infertility, diabetes, liver problem, and obesity. A study found that when animals are fed the exact same amount of trans fat, the weight gain becomes 30% faster in the belly. So, to live a healthy lifestyle, you should avoid trans-fat.

5). More green tea:

I know it’s just a hot, flavored water which is not at all tasty, but the bioactive substance in green tea makes it healthier than that normal caffeinated tea and coffee.

Polyphenol found in green tea boost level of fat burning while catechins help to prevent enzymes which store fat in the body. Instead of all these, green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients that affect our body positively. Regular consumption can make your body fit and slim. So keep doing exercise and drink a lot of green tea. This is most effective tricks for weight loss that I have experienced. Keep drinking and stay healthy.

6). Monitor quality of food you eat:

After the workout, diet is the second most important thing which you shouldn’t avoid for weight loss. Suppose if you are doing heavy workout but still, taking high-calorie diet, then would your weight loss goal be achieved?

Of course Big NO! Or it will be very slow. So try to avoid high-calorie foods, and eat in small portions. A helpful tip is to chew your food slowly that help to stop overeating. Be conscious while choosing food for yourself as this trick of weight loss can help you lots.

7). Say no to sugar:

Sugar is not only what you taste, but its combination of fat and refined starch also, that can increase your calorie consumption. So try to avoid this white toxin from your diet and your body will be free up to drop excess kilos. High sugar containing items food like chocolates, biscuits, and sweets shouldn’t be part of your diet chart if you really want to lose weight.

Instead of all these, just drink a glass of water, or else try detox drinks if you feel bored to drink more water. This will helps to flush out toxins from your body.

8). Don’t forget to do exercise or yoga:

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Exercise is the most important part that comes first in weight loss goal. Thirty to sixty minutes of physical activity per day will ensure your health. This is the fastest way to burn those pesky calories.

9). Don’t skip meals:

Try to eat meals in small portions, like you can divide your standard allotment meals time to six smaller meals. But don’t skip at any cost as skipping food can makes your body feel weaken and adversely affect blood sugar level.

Eating foods in a small amount can balance your required calorie.

10). Keep a food journal:

Being up to date with food journal as it will keep tracking your calorie intake and reminds you the type of food you need for weight loss.

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