4 Week Workout Plan for Beginners at Home

Looking for an easy and quick workout? Want to give some time for your health and fitness? But don’t know from where to start and how to do, then surely this 4 week workout plan will help you out for a quick start.

On the basis of needs of beginners, we have collected this information from the best physical therapist that will guide you to start your fitness training at beginner level.

This workout plan is designed for people who have little experience but want to be more healthy and active in their life.

The best part is that you can practice theses workout at home without any types of equipment. A perfect guidance can make your workout effective from strength building to weight loss, of course it will boost your health too.

This workout plan is 4 weeks long and consists of 6 different exercise grouped into two easy workouts, which is gradually increasing for 4 weeks. By the end of the month, your stamina and endurance will develop twice the amount you started.

Find the detailed information of 4 weeks workout plan for beginners and how to do. Get ready to shape your body within a month!

4 Week Workout Plan for Beginners Infographic –

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6 Exercise for Beginners and How to do:

1) Jumping jacks workout for beginners

jumping jacks exercise. 10 weight loss evening workout. Fat Burning Workout

Jumping jacks is one of the basic warm up exercises. It’s a part of great strength training workout. Before jumping into an intense workout schedule, try this easy to do best cardio exercise that will elevate your heart rate to oxygenate it fast into your blood stream and muscles.

This exercise is used by many athletes and military all over the world for endurance and strength development. Instead of all these, it helps people in weight loss too. Best workout for beginners to start a healthy routine without using any instrument.

How to do jumping jacks:

  • Stand straight with feet hip width apart, back straight and abs tight. Keep your hands along sides.
  • Bend your knees and jump into the air to open your legs wide.
  • At the same time, raise your hands overhead.
  • Now, jump again to bring your feet together and lowers down your hands in reverse motion.
  • Repeat full cycle by doing 20 jumping jacks as beginners.

2) Squats workout for beginners

Squats Fat Burning Evening Workout. 10 Effective Workout for Weight Loss

In daily routine, you do squat many times, even without realizing, like when you pick up something up from the floor or when you get up and down from office chair.

People think that squat is only leg exercise, but its workout for the whole body. Being as a part of strength building exercise, it also helps to improve the flexibility of thigh, hips and buttocks muscles.

Squats utilized a large group of muscles that help your body to increase anabolic hormone production, which in shorts helps to lose weight and gain muscles. An ideal workout for beginners, who wants to lose weight at home.

How to do Squats:

  • Stand straight with your feet slightly wider than your hips and arms down along the sides.
  • Your toes should be slightly outward and look straight.
  • Choose a spot on the wall in front of you to look at this for an entire squat time.
  • Don’t look down at the floor or upward.
  • Keep your arms straight parallel to the ground to balance properly.
  • Move your hips backward, while bending your knees down.
  • Make sure your spine straight, and shoulder up.
  • Squat down until your hip joint is lower than your knees.
  • Keep everything tight and drive through your heels.
  • Now pause and lift back to the starting position.

3) Push-ups workout for beginners

Push-Ups - Evening workout for weight loss.

Push-ups is strength building cardiovascular exercise that is not easy to start for beginners. But, before rushing your head into complicated one, you can start with some easy steps like wall push-ups, incline push-ups, and knee push-ups. Over the time, your body gain strength to do full push-ups. This is the easiest way to tone up your muscles before starting push-ups.

These steps make push-ups an easy workout for beginners to start. In the first week, you can start with 10 push-ups and gradually increase the number to enhance the strength and endurance. To lose weight, perform this exercise with the combination of other workouts for fast results.

How to do Push-ups:

  • Keep your hand straight on the floor with tight abs.
  • You may keep your legs straight or bend knees on the floor if not comfortable.
  • Lower down your body to the floor, 1-2 inch away from the floor with the help of hands.
  • Now push your torso back on starting position.
  • Repeat 10 times after trying wall pushups, incline pushups and knee pushups.

4) Sit ups workout for beginners

Sit-Ups - Workout for beginners

The numbers of recommended sit ups depend on your fitness levels, age group, and gender. If you are already fit and want to score high then begin with 3-25 sit ups.

How to do Sit ups:

  • Lie flat on your back while keeping your knees bent, hip width apart.
  • Keep your hands back of your head to support.
  • Don’t lock your fingers and pull your head up.
  • Place your elbows on the sides and tilt your chin slightly, leaving few inches space between chest and chin.
  • Now, begin to torso up off the floor into sit up position.
  • Torso up off the floor into a sit-up position.
  • Slowly return to starting position.
  • Your lower back should remain on the floor.
  • Hold for few seconds at the top and then slowly lower back down.

5) Lunges workout for beginners

lunges each leg. 10 effective workout for weight loss.

The best part of this exercise is that you don’t need any types of equipment, and perform it anywhere. For beginners, it can be slightly difficult for few days, but regular moving your body can make it smoother and easier for you.

It helps you strengthen the hips and thigh muscles through movements of both legs. An effective workout for weight loss, that tones up your lower body while shaping your butt. Within a month only you will be able to see the results.

How to do Lunges:

  • Keep your upper body straight with shoulder back, chest lifted, chin up and abs contract.
  • Now take a big step forward with left foot, and lowers your hip until both knees bent at 90-degree
  • Don’t push your left leg so far, and right knee shouldn’t touch the floor.
  • Return to the starting position and practice it with opposite leg.

6) Burpees workout for beginners

One of the full body workout for strength development. But if your priority is to make muscular body while stripping away fat to build a leaner one then burpees is the best body workout for beginners.

Its work on your arms, back, chest, core, glutes, and legs. That’s why this workout found in high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It contains four steps, therefore known as “four-count burpee”.

How to do burpees:                                                   

  • Start with standing position.
  • Now, come into a squat position with your hands keeping on the ground. (count 1)
  • Kick your feet back into a plank position, while keeping your arms extended. (count 2)
  • Immediately return your feet to the squat position. (count 3)
  • Stand up from the squat position (count 4)

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