30-Day Squat Challenge: Sexy Butt & Slim Legs Plan


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Just 30 day to get killer buttocks, toned thighs, and sexy legs.

This ultimate 30-day squat challenge, featuring 5 powerful squat variations to tighten and toned your lower body deeply.

The trends of getting bigger buttocks and astonishing body shape is increasing day by day.

And of course, you should look sexy.

Exercising your body is another way to express self-love.

When it’s about bikini body OR an hourglass figure OR toned lower body, you can see squat as a great warm-up exercise in almost every fitness challenges.

The squat is a user-friendly exercise that you can do anywhere.

Practicing this bodyweight exercise alone is a great way to build muscles and strength in your buttocks and legs respectively.

There are lots of variations, such as basic squat, sumo squat, oblique’s squat, jump squat and many other that works differently on your booty and helps it to tone sexy.

Try this 30-day squat challenge to transform your lower body completely.

Benefits: What Does Squatting Do to Your Body?

Squat is great lower body workout that works powerfully on your glutes, hamstring and oblique’s muscles.

This workout strengthens your body, especially buttocks, legs, and thighs by boosting your overall fitness.

You can make this bodyweight exercise as part of your daily exercise routine.

Know the list of benefits –

  • Build muscles in buttocks and helps to lift
  • Tone Legs
  • Burn Fat
  • Increase entire body strength
  • Prevent injury
  • Boost sports performance
  • Tone backside, abs, and lower body
  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Increase flexibility
  • Build core strength
  • Remove bodily waste
  • Make daily task easier
  • Helps to jump higher
  • Prevent knees pain

30 Day Squat Challenge Exercise

Practice these 5 squat variations for maximum benefits and more challenge.

  1. Basic Squat

Try this 30-day squat challenge for sexy and killer buttocks. Get bigger bum in just one month. Best squat exercise to tone lower body. Best squat plan for women. Best plan to tone your lower body muscles.
Credit: Popsugar

The basic squat is an extremely powerful exercise that strengthens your buttocks and legs muscles.

It uses every single muscle of your lower body to deliver sexy butt and legs.

How to do:

  • Stand straight with your feet hip distant apart.
  • Chin ups and bend your knees to bring your buttocks down as if you are going to sit down on the chair.
  • Make sure to keep your knees behind your toes.
  • Rise back in starting position.
  • This counts as one rep.
  1. Sumo Squat

Sumo squat exercise for bigger lifted buttocks and sexy legs. Try this 30-day squat challenge for sexy booty and legs. Best lower body workouts for women.
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Most popular squats, mainly performed by bodybuilders in strength training program.

It’s also known as “Pile Squat”.

This squat differs in foot positioning and muscles emphasis.

It emphasis your inner thighs adductors that move your legs towards your body and glutes.

You’ll find sumo throwing an additional challenge to balance your body during squatting.

How to do:

  • Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart and toes slightly pointed outward.
  • Keep your hands on hips.
  • Now, press your hips to squat down while keeping your chest up.
  • Make sure to keep your spine straight.
  • Come to starting position slowly.
  • This counts as one rep.
  1. Oblique Squat

Oblique crunch squat. Try this 30-day squat challenge for bigger lifted buttocks and sexy legs. Best lower body workouts for women. killer butt exercise for women. Best 30 day bigger butt challenge.
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Best exercise that targets your love handles and buttocks at the same time.

The squat with oblique crunch toned your midsection and lower body to shape an hourglass figure.

Incorporating this move into workouts reward sexy butt, slim legs and waist day by day.

So, it’s worth adding moves into this squat challenge.

How to do:

  • Stand erect with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep your hands on the head while elbows pointing outside.
  • Now, squat down little (bend knees over your toes) and lift your left leg higher than hip level, like doing side crunch to tap your left knees with left elbows as shown in the figure.
  • Make sure to keep straight your spine while bringing your knee upward.
  • Now, bring your knees down and come to sumo squat position.
  • Repeat another side.
  • This count as complete one reps
  1. Jump Squat

Jump squat exercise for killer lifted butt. Try this 30-day squat challenge for toned butt and sexy slim legs. Best lower body workouts for women. best body shape workouts plan.
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Jump squat is very challenging than basic squat.

This full body workout works powerfully on your gluteus maximus, legs, and abdominal muscles.

Jumping in squats stretch and contract every muscle of your buttocks.

Try this 2-week gut challenge for the sexy midsection.

How to do:

  • Stand with feet at shoulder width apart, hands together in front of the chest.
  • Squat down and explosively push your body upward by jumping high.
  • Make sure to drive through your heels, not toes.
  • Immediately squat down while landing.
  • This count as one rep.
  1. Narrow Squat

Narrow squat jump for bigger hips and slim legs. Try this 30-day squat challenge. Best exercise to tone your buttocks muscles and legs. Best lower body workouts for women. Squats for weight loss.
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Standing with narrow legs target your inner thighs and hamstring more deeply.

How to do:

  • Begin in standing position with feet together and hands holding in front of your chest to keep balance.
  • Now, bend your knees to lower down your hips deeply in a squat
  • Make sure to keep your weight back on heels.
  • Now, lift your lower body slowly upward and straighten your legs.
  • This counts as one rep.

30-Day Squat Challenge Plan

A well-fitted person, squat up to 200, or even 500.

But you can practice any numbers of the squat as per your body ability.

If you are newbies into squat, then start easy and move slowly to greater numbers.

When you crossed beginner’s level, start practicing with holding dumbbells or supporting barbell for more challenge.

This squat challenge has 5 different variations that will end with 200 reps in 30 days.

After completing this 30-day squat challenge, you’ll notice lifted booty and sexy legs.

But don’t skip this plan and adjust it accordingly your schedule and ability level.

Squat Challenge: Pin it For Later

Take this 30-day squat challenge for sexy, toned buttocks and legs. Best workouts challenge for lower body. Best squat exercises to strengthen your muscles. Squats healthy benefits. How squats helps you to burn body fat? Try this best challenge for bigger bum and sexy slim legs. Best 30 day squat challenge for women. Total lower body workouts for women. Fat burning workouts from thighs and bum. 30-Day Squat Challenge for bigger buttocks

So, waiting for what?

Start this 30-day squat challenge today to transform your body.

Don’t forget to share your story about how this challenge helps you to gain booty and overall strength.

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Take Care and Look Sexy!!


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