2-Week Slim Gut Challenge


Trying to get flat belly in 2 weeks? This 2-week gut challenge have powerful abdominal exercise that will work on your belly fast and help you to reduce belly fat fast. Best flat belly exercise and workouts. Flat tummy workouts challenge.

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Want slim, sexy stomach with toned abs?

Try this 2-week slim gut challenge to lose your love handles, belly tire, and abdominal fat.

These powerful exercises will work magically on your abdomens muscle and give you a sexy midsection.

All it will take is less than 30 minutes per day for your sexy figure and you’ll be able to wear all your favorites’ dresses at the end.

This 2-week slim gut challenge is a combo of unique and effective stomach exercise that targets your belly fat fast.

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6 Abdominal Exercise for Flat Tummy

Start your fitness journey with these powerful moves.

  1. High Knees: 50 Reps.

High knees exercise for flat belly. Belly fat workouts challenge.
Credit: Popsugar

Don’t get fool by the simplicity of this move.

Its high-intensity cardiovascular exercise that pumps your blood fast while activating your core and legs strength.

It fires up the entire leg, improves coordination, strengthens hips muscles, and improve flexibility in the lower body.

In fact, it’s great replacement of squats if you are sick of practicing it regularly.

Steps to do:

  • Stand erect with feet hip distance apart.
  • Lift up right knee as high as you can raise, then quickly switch to left knee.
  • Continue to practice until complete 50 reps.
  1. Mountain Climbers: 30 Reps.

Mountain climbers exercise for flat belly. Best belly fat workout challenge. 2-Week gut challenge for women.
Credit: Popsugar

One of the killer exercise that boost your heart rate fast by moving every muscle of your body –biceps, triceps, chest, obliques, abdominal, quads, hamstring and hip abductors.

Or you can say, “Full body workouts” OR “Great combination of strength training cardio and core strength exercise rolled into one”.

Steps to do:

  • Begin with plank position with your arms and legs straight long.
  • Engage your abs and pull your right knee into your chest. As you draw your knees to your chest, pull your abs tighter to sure your body doesn’t sag or break plank position.
  • Now, quickly switch to left knee and push your right leg back simultaneously.
  • Continue to switching as you are in running motion. But try to maintain a straight line of your spine and don’t let your head drop as core stability is critical.
  1. Reverse Crunch: 20 Reps.

Reverse crunch exercise for flat tummy. Best flat tummy exercise. Flat belly workout challenge. 2-week gut workout plan. Best abdominal exercise.
Credit: Womenshealth

According to a sponsored study by American Council of Exercise, the reverse crunch is one of the most effective abdominal exercises for your gut.

It tones the abdominal muscles and works fast on your belly fat.

Steps to do:

  • Lie down face up on the floor and bend your knees directly above your hips at angle 90 degree.
  • Now, engage your abs to raise your hips off the ground while pulling your knees towards the chest.
  • Slowly lower down your back to the starting position.

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  1. Crunches: 25 Reps.

Crunch Exercise for flat belly. Flat belly workouts. Belly fat workouts. 2-week gut challenge.

Crunch is another popular abdominal exercise to build endurance and power in your belly’s muscles.

But it’s nearly impossible to lose belly fat with crunch until it’s not combined with other powerful abdominal exercises.

When crunch combined with cardiovascular exercise/ abdominal exercise, it burns calories fast.

Steps to do:

  • Lie down straight on the floor with hands behind your head to support weight and knees bend. Don’t lace your finger together.
  • Hold your elbows out to the sides but rounded slightly in.
  • Now engage your core to curl up your head, neck and shoulder blades off the ground and exhale.
  • Hold for movements and then slowly lower down your core while inhaling.
  1. Heel Touch: 30 Reps.

Heel touch exercise for flat belly. Best belly fat burning workouts challenge. 2-week gut challenge.
Credit: Cosmopolitan

One of the most wonderful exercise for love handles, abs, and flat belly.

It touches oblique’s muscles which stays on sides of your stomach, therefore, target your side fat or love handles more effectively.

Steps to do:

  • Lay down on your back with bent knees.
  • Keep your arms on sides and shoulders slightly off the ground.
  • Use your abs to rotate your right hand to touch your right foot and then back.
  • Repeat same opposite side.

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  1. Windshield Wipers: 40 Reps.

Windshield wipers exercise for belly fat. 2-week flat belly challenge. Gut challenge for flat tummy.
Credit: Pinterest

This exercise requires a tremendous amount of stability and core strength to execute it properly.

It strengthens your hips muscles, tightens your core and tones your abdominal muscles fast.

Steps to do:

  • Lie on your back with your arms straight out to the sides and bent knees.
  • Rotate your hips to one side without letting the legs touch the floor.
  • Lift your legs and come to starting position.
  • Rotate the hips to the opposite side and repeat.

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Struggling to lose belly fat fast? Try this 2 -week flat belly challenge for lean and sexy stomach. 6 powerful abdominal exercise will work effectively on your belly and toned your muscles fast. Best flat belly workouts challenge. Flat tummy exercises and tips to keep it away forever. Best belly fat workouts plan. 2-week gut challenge.

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