5 Reason why you should drink water before coffee/tea


5 reason why you should drink water before tea or coffee

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What is the first thing you do after waking up to start your day fresh? Is that drinking tea/coffee?

This is what most of the population do in morning to start their day fresh. But think about it, is drinking tea gives actual freshness to your body? No doubt it alerts your mind and kick-start your day. But there is one more side of drinking tea and coffee which provide harmful effects on your body.

Most of the people are aware that drinking bed tea/coffee is not the good idea, but still, they continue this as their first morning habits.

If giving up on this habit is difficult for you, then you can start one thing to minimize the bad effects of tea and coffee-

Have a glass of water before having tea/coffee

No matter at what time you have it, in the morning or evening. Hydrate your body before coffee dehydrates it.

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Why drink water before morning coffee/tea

5 Reason why to have a glass of water before tea or coffee

  1. Minimize acidity due to coffee/tea

When you drink coffee without having water, you feel burning sensation inside your stomach lining. Did you ever notice why it happens? It’s because of acidic nature of tea and coffee.

Coffee pH value is 5 and tea pH value is 6, both are acidic in nature. Water pH is 7 which is neutral in nature. Drinking coffee without having water can raise the acid production in the stomach and cause acidity and other major diseases. Water helps to balance the pH level and prevent the acid formation.

Drink one glass of normal water, both in morning as well as in evening before having tea and coffee that will help to minimize the stomach lining damage.

  1. Lowers the coffee effect on teeth

Coffee and tea both stain the teeth and gives the dark color to teeth due to their high tannin content. When you drink coffee, tannin acid settled into them and cause discoloration.

To control the acidic nature of tea on teeth, drink one glass of normal water before having tea/coffee or you can wipe your teeth with tissue after tea to cut down the rate of staining.

Drinking water after tea is also helpful to remove out stain, but for that, you need to wait for at least 15 minutes after tea/coffee.

  1. Protect from stomach ulcers

As I told earlier that tea contains tannin acid which leads to raising the acid level in stomach. Tannin production gets stronger when tea is over-brewed, and raise the acid level in the stomach and cause ulcers production in lining.

In shorts, brewing time of tea/coffee is directly in relation to stomach ulcers, more brewed tea/coffee will produce more ulcers.

Drinking one glass of water before tea/coffee will dilute the acid level in stomach and prevent ulcers production. Even doctors have found that drinking one cold glass of water relieved patients from ulcer pains.

  1. Hydrate body before coffee dehydrate it

What is the first thing you do in the morning after waking up? I am sure most of the people drink tea and coffee as they feel that it hydrate the body and fulfill water requirement in the body, but it’s not true.

When you wake up in morning, your body is completely dehydrated. Having tea/coffee an empty stomach dehydrate your body more and flush out remaining water from the body which causes dehydration, stress, body ache and tiredness.

No matter, morning or evening, just drink one glass of water before having tea. It will hydrate your body first so that nutrients and minerals can’t flush out from the body and maintain the water level in the body.

  1. Minimize the bad effects

Many studies show the benefits of drinking tea and coffee, but there are negative side effects also if it is the first thing you do immediately after waking up or an empty stomach. It damages your body badly from inside. These damaging effects accumulate over time and cause many health issues in future.

We all know that most diseases start from the stomach. So we should take extra care about our eating and drinking habits.

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Giving up your morning tea and coffee can make you feel upset. To minimize the bad effects of tea/coffee make a habit to drink one glass of water and feel the changes in the body.

How much water you should drink a day

We all know that drinking 8-10 glass of water is healthy for human body to function properly. But do you know the correct time of drinking water for maximum effectiveness in the body?

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To complete the water requirement in your body, you can also have vegetables or fruits juice as alternatives. This combo will help you to fulfill the requirement of both water and fruits in your body.

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