6 Things You Should Avoid After a Meal [Infographic]


6 Things never do after eating [Infographic]

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We all love eating food, but you know there are certain things we should avoid after eating food. Most of the people have the habit to lay down, drinking tea, taking shower without even knowing how worse it will effect our body.

Why we should not lay down after having a meal or avoid smoke if you do. Here we will explain you 6 things not to do after eating.

Here are the top 6 things you should never do after eating food [Infographic]:

6 Things Never do after Eating Food

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1. Don’t Smoke:

We all are aware of smoking bad effects, yet many people are addicted to it. People in corporates/office smoke immediate after lunch which is really bad for health.

After having a meal, it is very important to wait for a couple of hours. Because nicotine present in cigarette bind with excess oxygen required for digestion of food and allow your body to absorb more carcinogen than normal.

Studie says that smoking immediately after a meal is like smoking 10 cigarettes at once and increase the risk of lungs cancer 10 % faster.

2. Don’t Sleep Immediately

One of the most common habits of lazy and fat people. Sleeping right after eating food is more prone to increase weight. It can cause your stomach to burn through night and cause discomfort, bloating, and odd sleeping patterns.

According to study at the University of Ioannina Medical School, “People who waited for the longest after eating to go to bed were less likely to have a stroke”.

We should eat 2-3 hours before going to sleep.


3. Do not Drink Tea after food:

Drinking tea and coffee have benefits when consuming at right time. Most of the people have habits of drinking tea after having food which causes iron deficiency in the body.

Tannic acid present in tea bind with protein and iron in food and lead to 87% of the decrease in iron absorption. Due to iron deficiency, anemia, poor appetite, chest pain, cold feet and hands, dizziness, weakness, and extreme fatigue start appearing in the body.

Most of the nutritionists suggest that tea should be taken at least one hour after any meal.


4. Avoid taking Bath/Shower:

Digestion needs increased blood flow and energy in the body to digest food. When you take shower after food, it increases blood flow in legs and hands and reduces in the stomach where it required more and make it difficult to digest food. This leads to weaken your digestive system and cause stomach ache.

Wait for at least 30 minutes after having meals. It’s best to take bath before a meal.


5. Don’t eat fruit after a meal:

Eating fruits is healthy, but not after meals. It is better you eat fruits empty stomach or 30 minutes before dinner.

Fruits are easy to digest and take few minutes to reach intestine than food. There are different enzymes to digest fruits in the body. Eating fruits after having food make it stuck in the body for a longer time thus nullifying its nutritional value and cause indigestion, heartburn, and other discomforts.


6.  Avoid drinking cold water after food:

Most of the people have the habit of drinking cold water immediately after having food. But the reason why you shouldn’t drink cold water is that ice water doesn’t let the food to digest properly.

Cold water makes clumps of foods in the stomach and makes it difficult to digest.

You can drink a cup of water at meals but water should not be ice-cold as that would douse the digestive fire.

Instead of cold water, you can drink hot or warm water but at least wait for 30 to 45 minutes after dinner.


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