10 Things People are Doing Wrong in Yoga & How to Avoid


Yoga for beginner, Yoga gone wrong, 10 Things you are doing wrong in yoga

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Most of the people come to Yoga simply to stretch, work out and chill out. That’s fine, Yoga provides a great platform to heal your body physically. But despite physically, it’s much more towards spiritually, that provide great transformation to your mind, and soul.

People ignore the healing power of yoga at the spiritual level, and they continue to follow the pattern of stretching without knowing where it’s going wrong.

It’s not all about to just stretch, but there are the certain thing which you should keep doing regular in yoga, so it works well for you.

So, here are the 10 things people are doing wrong in yoga.

Yoga for beginner, Yoga gone wrong, Things you are doing wrong in yoga

  1. When you don’t focus on breathe

The combination of yoga with breathing is like a tree with roots. Losing focus on it can make you lose a basic step and at last, yoga will fail.

Many times focusing on the breath can be terrifying and commonly found in beginners or people who are practicing yoga for years. But do you know why yoga teacher always suggest focusing on breath?

Breathing connects your mind, body, and soul in yoga. Biologically, when you focus on breath, then control of breathing shifts from brain stem/medulla oblongata to the cerebral cortex (evolved part of the brain).

Due to which your thoughts, emotions, and stress are by passed that relax your nerve system by providing calm awareness. This is the magic that works on people of all age groups. Focusing on breathing can remove your tensions, mental stress, and blockage.

The awareness of breath bring powerful energy flow to your body, that’s why yoga is known as stress relieving natural medicine.

Just 10 minutes is enough for you but only if you do it properly.


  1. When your mental energy is not stable

Being mentally present in yoga is very important, this is what it’s meant for. Everything, from breathing to pose is connected internally.

Most people treat yoga as exercise and skip focus on breath and mental establishment that helps to clear mind to make it more stable.

Through deep breathing, fresh oxygen reaches to mind and make it more alert that will help to synchronize your thoughts.

Changing your mental energy and transforming it into more stable and calm energy is therapy you can get only by doing yoga perfectly.

Just give yourself to yoga for half an hour every day and observe the positive transformation inside you.


  1. When you perform pose in hurry

Due to lack of time management, many beginners especially, working people try to accomplish all yoga postures in hurry, that not correct form of doing yoga.

Imperfection in yoga can lead to injury, not even a single pose is meant to perform in hurry. Magic resides behind every slow move in yoga. So be relax while practicing yoga as it’s not meant for hurry people.


  1. When you practice more initially

For every yoga pose, there is step by step process. Just think what will happen if you practice whole month session in one day?

It will lead to some serious health problems. Most of these problems arise to people who have sudden emotional raise for fitness and suddenly cool down. Eventually what happens after this? Your body will be blocked fully due to swelling of muscles after heavy yoga that will lead to plan drop after few days.

Know the importance of 1st and 2nd gear before putting your body on 3rd gear. Do it slowly and steadily, if you really want to took benefit from yoga.


  1. When your yoga location is not fresh

We all know the importance of breathing fresh air, especially in morning. Many people have habits of doing yoga behind closed room or environment which is not at all fresh.

When you take deep breaths in yoga, it facilitates fresh oxygen flow to mind and whole body. Just think if it’s not fresh?

Your mind will not be alert and fresh that will leads to failure of yoga. So try to be sit in open place while doing yoga or you can choose an open and airy room. Morning is the best time for yoga lovers.

Fresh air brings new energy flow to the body by deep breathing. It helps to change your mental emotions and bring cheerfulness on your face as well.


  1. When your stomach is not empty

Coming to session an empty stomach, can make your yoga much more enjoyable and light. This is the reason why yoga teacher suggests to come to session an empty stomach.

Morning is the best time for yoga, you can easily concentrate and transform your energy. On the other side, if you practice yoga with having food in your system that may cause various health complication while twisting and bending your body.

Make sure your stomach is empty while going for yoga practice for better health.


  1. When you stretch beyond your weakness

Yoga is not about touching toe and stretching your body to 98 degrees to your northeast.

Its simple process to unite your breath, mind, and body effortlessly. So never try to become Mr. flexible or stretchable, if you are not. Remove all these myths from your mind and start watching yourself.

Yoga is made for everyone, whether you are slim fit or fat. Don’t push yourself to stretch beyond your weakness as it may cause injury and serious health issues. By slowly and steadily step by step process you should complete your pose.


  1. When you are not disciplined in yoga

A time comes in everyone life when people set goals for themselves like fitness goal, weight loss goal, health improvements goals etc.  In the beginning, motivation to change bad habits and routine jobs may be strong, but after some time, people start coming back to old routine.

Coming back to old days can raise many questions to your ability and turn it into self-punishment. Negative energy starts flowing inside, and you criticize yourself for not being good enough to change and incorporate something positive in your life.

To be continued on your action that you don’t naturally want to do, will takes force. That force we call – DISCIPLINE.

So be a regular and disciplined yogi, if you really want to incorporate the positive change in your life and force yourself to do it until it became your habits.


  1. When your before and after thought process are same

Did you ever notice, how yoga work on stress and why people suggest to do yoga for self-motivation and to stay positive in life?

Well! Beyond the physical, yoga has many other benefits. It’s all about to unite your breath, mind, and body that teaches us valuable life lessons also.

The best part of doing yoga is to stay cool and calm, as it helps to alter your thoughts, habits and transform yourself into more positive and productive individuals.

If your thoughts and mental energy are same as it was before doing yoga then think again! You did something wrong. I will not say that it will solve your problems, but it will definitely fill your inner self with a new energy that will be helpful to solve any problem or you will see it with another perspective.


  1. Yoga is incomplete without meditation

Yoga with meditation is like a car with fuel. Without meditation, your yoga is incomplete.

Mediation is about to sit in calm place for few minutes and empty your mind. Not even a single thought should come. Initially, it would be difficult to concentrate, but by regular practice can help you to sit for long hours.

It will not happen in one month, you will lose concentration many times. But keep bringing it back to your breath, Take your time to control your mind and let it work for you.


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