3 Exercise and 4 Weeks: Bigger Butt Workout Challenge


Big butt workout challenge for women.

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To get a bubbly, and beautiful buttocks, take this 4-weeks bigger butt workout challenge to tone.

Every women and man want to have bigger butt to look attractive, and approaching personality.

In order to turn many heads around, you must include these powerful exercise into your everyday workouts routine.

These exercise will tone up your lower body muscles deeply and help to lift them.

Exercise to Get Bigger Butt

This 4-weeks bigger butt workout will not only re-shape your buttocks but also help to lose some weight.

3 exercise that works effectively on your butt muscles are:

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Deep Lunges
  3. Squats

All these 3 exercises work on 3 main muscles of your buttocks-

  • Gluteus Maximus- Lunges work
  • Medius- Jumping jacks work
  • Minimus- Squats work


Butt workout is all about the angles you use to improve your butt muscles. These angle helps to target Gluteus muscles from many directions to enhance the desired results fast.

Exercise to Get Bigger Butt in 4-Weeks

Get yourself mastered in these powerful buttocks exercise and you will always be grateful for your perfect shape booty.

1). Jumping Jacks

One of the basic warm-up exercise that works best to tone your buttocks and legs. Best workout for any beginner to start with.

How to do:

  • Stand straight with feet hip-width apart, back straight and abs tight. Keep your hands along sides.
  • Bend your knees and jump into the air to open your legs wide.
  • At the same time raise your hands overhead.
  • Now jump again to bring your feet together and lowers down your hands in reverse motion.
  • Repeat full cycle as one jumping jacks.

2). Deep Lunges

An effective workout to strengthen your hips and thigh muscles through movements of both legs.

It tone up your lower body and help to lose some weight. Just 20 days practice is enough to see the desired results.

How to do lunges:

  • Keep your upper body straight with shoulders back, chest lifted, chin-ups and abs contract.
  • Now take a big step forward with left or right leg, in which you feel comfortable first.
  • Lower your hip until both knees bent at 90-degree
  • Don’t push your legs so far.
  • Return the starting position and practice it with opposite leg.

3). Squats

Another highly effective exercise for legs and buttocks muscles. Try to sit deep down to stretch your hamstring and buttocks muscles.

How to do squats:

  • Stand straight with your feet slightly apart wider than your hips and arms along the sides.
  • Keep your toes slightly outward and look straight.
  • Choose a spot on the wall in front of you to look on it for entire squat time.
  • Keep your arms straight parallel to the ground to balance properly.
  • Now move your hips slowly backward, while bending your knees down.
  • Make sure to keep your spine straight and shoulder up.
  • Squat down until your hips joint is lower than your knees.
  • Keep everything tight and drive through your heels.
  • Now, pause for few seconds and lift back to the starting position.

Sports You Can Play to Get Bigger Butt

When it comes it fitness, games should be your first priority to have fun workouts.

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Volleyball
  • Cheerleading

Few More Tips:

4-Week Bigger Butt Workout Challenge

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