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Drink & lose weight naturally | Benefits of Green tea for weight loss

Green tea for weight loss
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One of the most popular and healthiest beverages on earth. There are so many health benefits of green tea in which weight loss is the common and best way to reduce weight naturally.

Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves, which promote metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation and even improve insulin activity. There are so many other health benefits of green tea like losing weight, improve brain function and reduce the risk of cancer, lower risk of infection and Type II diabetes.

According to 2007 statistics from the WHO, the United States has the highest prevalence of overweight adults. You will surprise to hear that two out of three American are considered to be overweight. Around $147 billion spend in medical expenses per year in the United States. (Source)

Weight loss benefits of green tea are medically proven but it is not a very fast process of losing weight. Regular consumption of green tea helps to make your body fit and slim. So keep exercising and drink green tea will help you reduce body fat. Studies suggest that few cups of green tea in the daily diet will positively affect your health and weight. So keep drinking and stay healthy.

People are not aware of the advantage of drinking green tea for weight loss. Some people still surprise that, Is green tea helpful to reduce weight and how it works? Which green tea is good for weight loss? These are some common question which people keep continue asking about. Here we are presenting some tips about weight loss benefit of green tea.

Health benefits of green tea for weight loss?

We all have habits of drinking tea every day. But not aware of green tea benefits in losing weight.  If you are trying to improve your health or want to lose some weight then get ready to make this habit of drinking green tea. Stop consuming junk food which promotes lots of calorie gain in your body.

How green tea will help you to lose weight?

Don’t think that green tea is just a hot, flavored water. It is more than that. The bioactive substance in green leaves dissolve in hot water and make it miracle drink that can cure you of so many health problems, especially lose weight.

  • Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves which help to burn fat.
  • Polyphenol found in green tea boost level of fat burning and rate at which your body turns food into calories,”
  • Catechins in green tea prevent enzymes which help in fat storage in the body.
  • Antioxidants and nutrients in green tea have powerful effects on the body.

These are the biological process that shows how green tea will help you in weight loss naturally. Now the trend came when people want to get cure naturally. No single drug or supplement offers such a long list of health benefits. This is the natural way to get cure from overweight easily with no side effects. Even doctors recommend consuming green tea regularly because of its health benefits in the human body. Fitness experts and even celebrities recommend green tea nowadays to have a perfect sexy figure and weight loss.

Celebrity story of losing weight by green tea:

Green tea is one of the most popular drink among the Hollywood celebrity such as Johnny Depp, Lady gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow for maintaining their body weight and waistline. Their ideas of drinking a cup of green tea turn their body weight to the slim fit body as it has many medicinal properties and fat burners. listen the story of losing weight by green tea from your celebrity’s own.

Lady Gaga:

“I always used to drink green tea before the performance on the stage as it feels me energies.”

 Wendy Williams:

The queen of talk TV taking off 20 pounds during a behind-the-scenes video of “The Wendy Williams Show”. “I lost 20 lbs by adding green tea to my everyday lifestyle.” She said that regular gym, exercise and some changes to your diet will make you feel the difference in how you look. 

Johnny Depp:

“I drink gallons of green tea instead of coffee,” which is very good for weight loss. For the role of Barnabas Collins, Johnny Depp had to lose around 20 pounds to get down to 140 pounds. “I always start my morning with a bowl of oats and cup of green tea.” He said.

Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer has reportedly called herself hooked to green tea. “Really nice and healthy beverages makes me fit and helpful to keeps my body slim with drinking cup of green tea.”

Christina Aguilera:

Christina Aguilera credits her recent weight loss to Reiki, her fitness expert, according to US Weekly. Christina Aguilera Lost 40 pounds in 4 months but usually after pregnancy. Regular consumption of green tea and work out makes her body slim fit and lose weight.

Oprah Winfrey:

“I replaced coffee with green tea so that I could lose 10 pounds in six weeks.”

Robert Pattinson:

Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame has been photographed drinking green tea while filming on set. He says, “it makes me feel fresh and keeps my body fit and healthy.”

Sandra Bullock:

Oscar award-winning actress Sandra Bullock has also admitted she’s a “green tea girl” and Oz Garcia, famed nutritionist, says to all clients they are “better off drinking green tea than coffee”.

How to consume green tea for weight loss:

  • According to researcher and doctors, the optimal consumption is 3-5 cups of green tea daily.
  • You should drink it 20-30 min after each meal
  • Choose fresh leaves if you have, pour hot water directly over the leaves to extract their essence. But if you don’t have an option then you can go for tea bags.
  • Open the tea bag and pour water over the tea extract directly. As for the brewing bit itself, don’t let the water come to a full boil. Instead, pour the water over the tea right before it boils and then let the tea steep for 3-4 minutes.
  • If you are taking Amway’s Nutrilite Green TEA. Then pour one spoon of powder into one cup of hot water. Mix and drink it. (Also read instruction on that).

Which green tea is good for us?

There are so many green teas in the market. You can go to nearby grocery shop or online shop on Amazon.  Here we are presenting list of some high rating green tea which is available on amazon, you can have a look.

#Organic Green Tea:

Five star rating famous green tea which is becoming popular among people. It comes from high in the mountains of the Fujian Province of China and is grown without pesticides, with natural fertilizer and with careful attention for the preservation of the ecosystem. Least expensive green tea.

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Nutrilite Green TEA Nutri-protein

In today’s busy schedule, people don’t have enough time to go to work out and gym and this is affecting their health badly. It’s time to take care of your health. If you will not change your time then one day time will change you. So get ready to maintain this healthy habit in your schedule. Hope you have found something interesting which will lead you to live a better life. Take care!

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