When to Keep Your Mouth Shut to Protect Your Self Image


When to keep your mouth shut. Situations in which you shouldn't speak.

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Just because you are free to say whatever you want doesn’t always mean you should.

See the situations in which you shouldn’t open your mouth, otherwise, you will be in trouble.

Don’t speak-

  1. When you are in heat of anger
  2. When you word upset a weaker person
  3. When the issue is none of your business
  4. When you don’t have all the facts
  5. When your words convey the wrong impression
  6. When your words damage your friendship
  7. When you are tempted to tell an outright lie
  8. When your word damage someone else reputation
  9. If you would be ashamed of your words later
  10. When you are tempted to joke about sin
  11. When you can’t say it without screaming it
  12. When you are feeling critical
  13. If you may have to eat your words later
  14. When you haven’t verified the story
  15. When it is time to listen

“Whoever guards his mouth & tongue, keep his soul in trouble.”

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