30 Mind-Blowing Self-Development Ideas to Explore Your Best Version


Need fresh ideas for your self-development plan? Take this 30-day challenge for self-improvements to get a stunning and inspiring personality. Simple habits, easy tricks and tips to start a new life

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Create a stunning self-development plan that will not only inspire you but keep you active on track for faster results.

What is the best thing that ever happen to you?

You might have numerous or just few one to share…depending on how you experience everything.

Everyone has ability to feel great about who we really are…But sometime few changes to our lifestyle can transform our life drastically positive.

So, why not to work on them?

Of course creating a self-development plan will not be easy as it require tremendous efforts, but once it becomes your auto system, you won’t believe how miraculously everything will fall for you.

All these 30 self-development ideas, activities, habits, tips, and piece of advice are practiced by top leaders and most successful people of the world.

These small life changing habits are best proven ways to achieve success in anything. It gives you opportunity to improve from different aspects.

I’m a huge fan of modifying the daily habits to create a positive change and build real success. Over time, through my personal experiences I have come to identify some key areas where anyone can improve themselves to build success.

Take this 30 day challenge to practice self-development and at the end of every month, look for the next 30 self-development ideas.

According to Robin Sharma, The famous motivational speaker –

“Small daily improvements when done consistently over time, leads to stunning results”.

It’s not the things we do on monthly or yearly basis that give us results, but the little things we do every day change our life.

Install these 30 self-growth ideas in your daily routine life to change the way you live.

30 Days to Explore Better Version of Yourself

  1. Redefine your goals and find why you want to achieve these goals? Make sure your goals is motivating enough to achieve. Whether your goal is to get fit, get an advanced certification, apply for a new job or something else.
  2. Start reading a book no matter kindle, audio, or paper book.
  3. Do you really want what you say you want? Ask this question to set your intention. If your goals and your intentions are not aligned, you will lack the motivation to see things through. You will find yourself coming up with excuses that will make your goals harder to achieve.
  4. Spend some times to find a mentor. A mentor will keep your focused, show you path, and help you put things in correct perspective. He/she can be a famous writer, activist, business person, monk or yogis. He should be a person you genuinely admire and make this world a better place for you.
  5. Write down few good habit you want to implement. And why? How do they benefits you to achieve great things in life? Start implementing them every day.
  6. Write down bad habit you want to get rid of. Now write opposite “If I dint have this habit, I would be able to…”
  7. Start everyday with honest gratitude in your heart. Gratefulness gives you more.
  8. Exercise as often as you can.
  9. Drink more water, herbal tea and give up on sugary and fizzy drinks.
  10. Don’t procrastinate. Just TAKE ACTIONS NOW. Once you have created your plan of action, act on it without delay. Don’t leave it on tomorrow what needs to get done today.
  11. Put down your phone and go to see your parents. They won’t be around forever.
  12. Spend one hour daily learning something new in the field you like to grow.
  13. Stop multitasking and instead focus on one task at a time and see the results.
  14. Drink one cup of coffee less per day. For example, skip afternoon coffee and replace it with smoothie and water.
  15. Be kind to people.
  16. Don’t think about the past as it won’t change.
  17. Don’t worry about the future, it’s going to come anyway.
  18. Prioritize your work. Determine your priorities and start with the most important and urgent task in first half of the day.
  19. One day in a week don’t watch any TV.
  20. Make time for your hobby.
  21. Practice mindfulness while eating. Pat attention to taste, color, smell, crunchiness, softness and texture…
  22. Make someone laugh.
  23. Write your short term goals for a month or week or days and try to accomplish them on time.
  24. Write down five encouraging sentence to keep moving forward in life. Read them every day.
  25. Help a stranger.
  26. Mediate for at least 2 minute a day.
  27. List the five most important things you learnt this month.
  28. Give yourself time to explore self-love.
  29. Track your time to stay productive.
  30. Use affirmation to become a better version of yourself.

Find out your most favorite one and can also replace if already into some of these.

But don’t get frustrated and angry if cannot stick to plan, just think you are into process to developing a new habit.

That’s absolutely normal.

Everything takes time. If it weren’t hard everyone would have done it so far and wouldn’t be as rewarding as it is.

Remember, you could fail only if you stop trying. Just keep doing until it gets easier and easier for you.

Explore your better version with this stunning self-development plan that will not only inspire you but keep you active on track for faster results. Best 30-day challenge to find your best.

Don’t forget to share how you feels after 30 days.

Good Luck!!!

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