How to Break Your Boundaries of Comfort Zone for Marvels Results [7 Simple Steps]


Comfort vs Courage Zone

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Going beyond the limit and keep checking ability is one of the best feelings which encourage us to move forward in life. The moment comes in everyone life when we stuck in our own comfort zone. But actually, that’s the time when we should actually challenge ourselves.

An idea which inspires me to write on this, when I saw one of my friend struggling to come out from his own comfort zone. The things which I noticed why he is not able to execute his plans and stuck on the first level of success.

Well, it happens with everyone, even with me also. Many time we feel that we have an awesome plan for our dreams if we follow then surely positive results will start appearing soon. But after few days, what happen? Guess??? As we all know, something starts pulling us back and we feel that we will no longer be improve. Have you ever noticed what’s that?

That’s our comfort zone, where ability and determination are not tested. Means, if you are not going to test your abilities, then how could you find out new things, possibilities and opportunities.

Why breaking comfort boundaries is so hard?

Sometimes we feel that changing regular job is not quite easy. But believe me, unexpected results are residing behind this.

Comfort zone provide state of mental security, relaxation, reduced stress and risk-free environment, who will not love all these things. But in real, these things stop us to grow further in our profession which needs continues learning and skills development.

Courage v/s Comfort zone:


A state of relative comfort create a steady level of performance”, explained by psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John D. Dodson in 1908.

Comfort kills productivity, to maximize the performance, we need to break the comfortable zone and go beyond the boundaries which show how courageous and ambitious we are.

To achieve goals and explore new things we need to do certain things which calculate our ability to go beyond the limit.

1. Challenge Yourself:

Ok here I’m going to ask you few questions:

Do you want more in your life? (whatever it is – things, money, name, fame, even peace etc.) What you did yesterday, what you have done today and what will you do tomorrow, have any difference? or they all are same or going to be?

When you do the same job every day, how can you expect something new will happens tomorrow? Doing the same job will give you the same result, but trying some different efforts make you feel a bit different and will give you a different result. No matter how small or big the difference is.

So challenge yourself by doing a little bit different from everyday work. Make a plan even small enough and execute it.

“The time when you stop challenging yourself is the time when you stop changing”.

The exciting thing happens when we start challenging ourself because, at that time we start learning new things, start testing our ability and new ideas strike automatically in our mind. That is the stage when we start growing as a person like whom we have never felt before.



2. Face Your Fear:

Fear!! It’s natural when we start doing new things it automatically comes to our mind. Fear is the state of mind which show the probability of failure of any task. But that is the time when we should control it, otherwise, the risk of losing dreams will be high.

Let me ask, what you fear from?

  • Dark, height, or fight?
  • Investing money in new business?
  • Fear of speaking in public or front of big audience?
  • Fear of writing? Exam? Interview?
  • Fear of losing money? Health? or Wealth?

It would be very easy to say that you can face your fear, it’s difficult but not impossible. Whatever your fear is, just ask yourself these simple question;

  • Is this difficult to do the task you fear from? (Sorry, but it’s true),
  • Is this impossible to do? (No, of course not, because people out there are doing it).

And if so, then say it; if people can do it then I can do it too. If people can earn lots of money, then I can earn too. that’s it! no excuse, no alibies.

The best way to face your fear is to acknowledge and understand it, and ask yourself what worst can happen? Fear do nothing but only stop you from the best opportunity of life. Face your fear by taking small steps towards it and one day you will be fearless.



3. Start Taking Risk:

Every great success stories started by taking a Risk. And by taking a risk doesn’t mean go and invest all your money or energy in a business where you don’t know anything about it.

Go step by step process of risk for success:

  • Do your homework first (Do research about the business/ work/ company/ topic/ where you want to invest your money, energy, time or whatever)
  • Overcome your fear,
  • Invest in yourself (If you don’t know anything about a business, then go and learn because there is nothing we can’t learn, take classes, join online courses)
  • Make a master plan (Don’t ask, just make it),
  • And finally, implement it. (It’s time to find out your master plan will work or not, that’s it! if it didn’t then make another one)

What everyone says “Risk” is actually “implementation” and this is what, 90% of people are not doing. Of course, you will fail once or many times and this is where you will learn about the experience (Learn from your mistake). But in the end, you will definitely find a stroke which will work for you.

People out there are risking their lives for their dream and you’re just risking a few bucks or your time, or your comfort. Find the opportunities in your dreams and believe in it, make it your passion, do experiment with it until you found the best formula for success.

Next time when someone will ask you  “what extraordinary things you have ever done in your life?” at least you will have a story to share now.



4. Fire Up Your Curiosity:

To be curious to know everything is the first step towards success. Curiosity leads to learning new skills, new ideas, meeting new people and help to build your network that will help you in long run.

There was a time when the human was monkeys, just think what would happen if we would not be curious to know little things of living. This is one of the reasons which made us human. Still, you think that there is anything that can make you genius without learning and testing your skills?



5. Compete with best:

We all have one or many persons in our life, who are our ideal. They inspire us by their actions and abilities to go beyond the limits. Healthy competition tells how much you need to learn and explore.

Competition with the best version always gives the new experience to move forward. And these experience will take you to the peak.



6. Quick start your plans:

When we live in the comfortable zone, we always make plans for future goals but no execution. Have you ever think why such things happen? Comfort is the second name of relaxation which holds us back.

So. If you think that you want to achieve something great and you have plans for that. Then don’t think much about it, as thinking more will extend your time, bring fear and at last you will drop the plan. Just make it and challenge yourself to execute it.



7. Believe in yourself:

Trust your ability for achieving things, don’t doubt it. At last, you will be the only person who took stand for your dreams. Inspire others by creating a history.



Change your old routine and challenge yourself to grow. Take small steps to improve your ability and expand your comfortable zone.

There are so many other ways to stretch comfort boundaries. Start something new like learning new language, trip to the adventurous place, connect with people who inspire you, travel across the globe, and experience it.

Coming out from your comfortable zone can create a drastic transformation of the world you have never imagined for yourself.

And most important thing, don’t forget to share 😉 . Thank you, take care and best of luck!

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