7-Minute Butt Lift Workout Before You Shower


Try this 7-Minute butt lift workouts. Get toned, lifted and bigger buttocks with this workout plan. Best workout for Buttocks.

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Just 7 minutes to toned and lift your buttocks!!

There can be numerous reasons to highlight those sexy Glute muscles.

But all we need is results.


So, how can we workout effectively to enhance our buttocks beauty every day?

Apart from toning and tightening, lifting and rounding should also be major outcomes of any buttocks workouts.

This sounds awesome. Right?

This 8-minute butt lift workout plan is best to satisfy your buttocks related fitness goals.

All are simple and easy bodyweight exercise that you can do at home.

So, ladies! Target your booty with this amazing plan and share your results.

5 Exercise For Bigger Toned Buttocks

All you need to practice is these 5 powerful buttocks exercise every day before showering.

Adjusting these 7 minutes in the morning to enhance your booty, is not a big deal.

We know you have time to transform your back sexy and toned. And soon you’ll be grateful for this. 

To make your tighten schedule undisturbed, this plan is perfect.

  1. Closed Thigh Squat
  2. Body Weight Hip Thrust
  3. Power Lunge
  4. Donkey kicks
  5. Downward Dog Split

The 7-Minute Butt Lift Workout Plan

Have gone through the above exercise?

What do you think?

Don’t worry! It’s not that intense.

Trust me! You can do it…

If you’re a beginner, then it might be tough for you to stretch your muscles initially.

So, before you hit this workout, do some warm-up, like jumping jacks, and, skipping to open up your body.

Now, grab your water bottle, switch on workout music, and take a mat to get started.

Set a timer for every one minute and to go to the next moves.

And just follow..follow…follow.

7-minute butt lift workout plan to get toned, round and bigger buttocks. These powerful Glute exercise will work wonder to shape up your back sexy. Best buttocks toning exercise.

After finishing one round, take rest for few minutes OR can do some relax yoga pose, like, child pose to calm down your muscles.

If you’re willing to do more, then repeat it for the next 8 minutes, it’ll help you to get faster results.

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Feel of The Day

Honestly, you’ll be tired and exhausted for the first few days.

But that’s okay.

The initial muscles ache is good for you as it helps to open up your body.

It’s normal for beginners.

But later, you will feel rewarded with an extreme energy booster. It will keep you active throughout the day.

It relieves you from joints pain, back pain, booty pain, and other unnecessary fatigue that were making you tired and unhealthy.

Now sitting for longer hours won’t make you tired and stuck.

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How Long Should I Follow This Plan?

It totally depends on you…

How do you want to see yourself at the end?

Of course, with great booty benefits. Right?

So, for that, take a 30-day challenge.

Believe me! This 30-day challenge will transform your look totally.

To make any fitness plan work successful, 30 days are minimum to see results.

At the end, you’ll surely thank me.

So, it’s my pleasure… in advance. 😉

If you have any doubt regarding this plan?

Ask me via comments…

I’ll help you guys to follow this plan easily.

But apart from this, you also have to take care of your diet.

Eat a healthy balanced diet and avoid processed and junk foods.

And one more thing, don’t make any excuse to leave in between….

Believe me! Every day you’re turning beautiful…

Cheers ladies!!

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