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5 Natural Homemade Skin Whitening Almond face pack for Different Skin Type

Almond Face Packs for Skin Whitening and Glow
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Almonds are good for health as well as for natural beauty tips also, it has vast applications. Good source of Vit-E which help to nourish your skin and make it radiant glowing for party perfect look within 10 minutes.

Every woman feels confident and motivated if they have beautiful and radiant glowing skin. Nowadays it is not difficult to get a spotless whitening skin. Advanced treatment and surgery can help you to solve this problem but it’s too costly and highly chemical. But you don’t worry, instead of all these, we have some natural homemade beauty tips which will give you fairness and whitening skin.

Vit-E is essential vitamin to maintain beautiful and flawless skin and almonds are a good source. Almonds are goods for health, internally as well as externally. There are so many others ingredients which we can use to make skin whitening face pack on different skin type with almonds. Antioxidants and nutrients present in almonds will take care of your skin and give you fair and glowing skin instantly.

Here we are sharing some homemade skin whitening face pack for all skin type which will fair your skin tone, make your skin free from pimples, acne, and remove tan from a dry, oily and normal skin.

So, try these natural almond face packs to get the beautiful skin and skin whitening.

Almond Natural Beauty Tips for Fairness:

 1. Almond skin whitening face pack for dry skin:

# Oatmeal-Almond face pack for dry skin:

Oatmeal is natural cleanser which removes dirt and oil from your pores without drying. Almond and oatmeal is best fairness face pack combination for the dry skin.

Ingredients required:

  • Almonds
  • Oatmeal
  • Milk

How to make:

For this skin whitening and glowing face pack, keep these required ingredients with you during the preparation of almond-Oatmeal fairness face pack. Soak some almonds in water overnight. Remove upper layers and crush them well with milk to make a paste. After crushing them add some oatmeal and make a paste. Apply this fairness face pack evenly on skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your face after 20 minutes with cold water. The paste will be slightly granular so scrub while removing this face pack as is will help to remove impurities and add a glow to your skin.

# Almond-Banana fairness face pack for dry skin:

Banana is rich in antioxidants and good sources of Vitamin A, B, C and E which heals dryness, premature aging, increase production of Collagen and nourish skin.

Ingredients required:

  • Almonds
  • Pulpy Banana

How to make:

One of the quick and best face pack for glowing skin if you are going for party and marriage function. Same as like before, soak almonds overnight in water. Crush or grind them to make a paste, add some mashed pulpy banana in that. Apply this almond banana paste evenly on your skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes. After that wash your face with cold water. You will feel your skin becomes soft and glowing as this best home remedy for glowing skin will work amazingly on your skin tone. Best face pack for dry skin.


2.Almond skin whitening face pack for oily skin:

# Almond-papaya face pack for oily skin:

Although papaya face pack can be suited for all skin types but it works best on oily skin. Papaya helps in removing excess oil from the skin. The combination of almonds and papaya works amazingly on face to make it fair and free from oil, pigmentation and give you radiant and glowing skin. It also helps in reducing pimples and scars too. Regular use of papaya almond face pack give you white fair skin and help to remove excess oil and wrinkles.

Ingredients required:

  • Almonds
  • Papaya
  • Water

How to make:

Soak almonds in water overnight. Take 4-5 almonds and crush them well with water, after that Cut a slice of papaya and mash it well. Mix this papaya pulp in almond paste. Now apply this almond-papaya face pack evenly on your face and neck. Wash it after 15 minutes with cold water. Remove this face pack in the circular motion and get ready to glow. Best skin whitening and homemade glowing face pack for oily skin.

# Almond-fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti) face pack for oily skin:

fuller’s earth, works amazingly on oily skin. Oily skin attracts dirt and causes to acne and pimples. This beauty tip for face whitening removes dirt and give instant fair and glowing skin.

Ingredients required:

  • fuller’s earth
  • Almonds
  • Water

How to make:

Add some water in fuller’s earth to make a thin paste, then mix crushed almonds or powder. Apply this paste evenly on skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. Fuller’s earth helps to absorb the excess oil and tighten your skin. Almond powder helps to remove the dirt from your skin. This face pack is best for oily skin.


3. Almond skin whitening face Pack for Instant glow:

# Almond-Gram Flour -Turmeric Face Pack for Instant Glowing Skin:

Turmeric and gram flour is one of the oldest grandma’s favorite beauty tips. Various skin problems like pimples, acne, dark skin, dullness and unwanted hair on face can be treat with this effective home remedy. With the combination of different ingredients, it works best on skin whitening and glowing formula.

Ingredients required:

  • Almonds
  • Besan (Gram Flour)
  • Turmeric
  • Milk

How to make:

Take some soaked almonds and crush them well. Now mix a small quantity of turmeric powder and gram flour by adding milk. Mix them to make a good paste. Apply it on the face evenly and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After drying completely, wash it with cold water.

One of the oldest and best homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness. This natural home remedy is used on bride one day before marriage in the Indian culture.

# Almond-Saffron face pack for instant pinkish glow:

In Ancient times, queens used saffron and rose water to improve their beauty naturally. This royal pack will give you instant pinkish glow by removing pigmentation and dark patches on the skin.

Ingredients required;

  • Saffron
  • Almonds
  • Cold Milk
  • Gram flour

How to make:

Take some soaking almonds, few strands of saffron and a bowl of cold milk. Crush almonds with milk after that add gram flour and make a semi thick paste. Add more milk if required. Apply this face pack evenly on face. Wash it after 20 minutes and get ready to see the pink glow on your face.


4. Almond whitening Face Pack for Sensitive Skin:

# Almond-Aloe Vera gel face pack for sensitive skin type:

Aloe Vera work is well known for skin nourishment, detoxifying and healing properties. We can use aloe Vera for almost all skin type but it is especially helpful for sensitive skin.

Ingredients required:

  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Almonds

How to make:

Take some soaked almonds and grind them properly. After crushing, add some Aloe Vera gel in it. Mix them well and apply this face pack evenly on your sensitive skin. Try this beauty tips for natural glowing skin type. You can use this face pack thrice a week.

This is best and effective face pack for fairness, scares removal on sensitive skin type.

# Almond-Raw milk face pack for sensitive skin type:

Raw milk acts best on sensitive skin type but we can use this face pack for all skin type as it is best beauty tips to get fair and glowing skin naturally.

Ingredients required:

  • Almonds
  • Raw milk

How to make:

Take 2 teaspoons of raw milk and 1 teaspoon of the almond powder and mix them well to make a smooth paste. Apply this pack evenly on your face and neck. Wash it after 15-20 minutes and get ready to look gorgeous.


5. Almond whitening Face Pack for Tanning skin:

# Almond-lemon juice face pack for suntan:

Sun tanning is a very normal thing in summer, but we can get rid of this tanning problem at home also. In the kitchen, there is so many hidden homemade beauty tips present which we don’t know. So get ready to remove your tan without going to salon or spa as lemon juice will work effectively on your tanning skin.

Ingredients required:

  • Rose water
  • Almonds
  • Lemon juice

How to use:

Take some soaked almonds and grind them well. After getting a fine paste with rose water, add some lemon juice in it and again mix them well. Now apply this face pack on tanned skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water and you will find that sun tan has been removed from your skin.

One of the oldest and best way to remove tanning from your skin.

# Almond-Orange face pack for suntan:

I also used so many times this orange peel powder, it works amazingly on a dull or tanned skin and brings glow on skin. Orange peel powder and the almond combo is perfect as almonds will act as a scrub and orange help to remove tanning, also turn your skin soft and glowing naturally.

Ingredients required:

  • Almonds
  • Orange peel powder
  • Milk

How to make:

Take some grind almond and mix orange peel powder in that. Now mix this mixture well and add some milk if you want to make this paste thin and easy to use. Apply gently on the face by massaging circular motion. Leave it for 15 minutes and let it dry.  Wash your face with cold water by scrubbing your face for smooth radiant skin. This circulation massage boosts fairness and removes tan from your skin. Get ready for a radiant glow by this orange face pack.

Important Note:

Instead of fairness, almonds also used as a face scrub. After applying all these face packs, remove it slowly by scrubbing your face with water in circular motion. As almonds scrub will help to remove dead skin cells from your skin.  These fairness face pack will add shine to your face and give you super soft, glowing younger face.

If you also have some natural beauty tips regarding this. Then please share your ideas and beauty secrets with us via comments. We will be happy to listen from you.

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