40 Amazing Uses of Vaseline for Beauty, Hair, and Household


Find 40 ways to use Vaseline for beauty, body-care, hair care and household. Benefits of Vaseline are amazing that you have never listen from anywhere. Use Vaseline for everything

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We are using Vaseline for many decades, but still, don’t know that it’s more than a moisturizer.

Vaseline is multi-tasking that’s why it has many benefits over skin, hair, medicinal and household. You will be amazed to see its uses that normally we can’t think to use like these ways.

It can be your lip balm, skin moisturizer, makeup remover, shoe shiner, stain remover, cough reliever, hair shiner and many of which way you can choose to ease your life.

Know 40 awesome uses of Vaseline in everything.

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40 Uses of Vaseline: Beauty-Hair-Medicinal-Household

Uses of Vaseline – Beauty

#1. Soften Dry Skin

Treat dry skin with Vaseline.. Know awesome uses of Vaseline for beauty cosmetics and household you have never listen from anywhere. Grab 40 Uses of Vaseline for easy lifestyle heck.
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Apply Vaseline on your dry, dull and rough skin at night. For maximum benefits, leave it overnight for soft treatment. Wash it off next morning and you can get beautiful glowing skin every day in winters. But keep sure your vaseline should be absorbed deeply into your skin.

#2. Scrub for Soft and Pink Lips


Now treat your dry lips and make them soft and pink. Try Vaseline scrub for pink lips. Use Vaseline scrub for soft lips
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Applying lip balm is not enough to take proper care of your lips. It also needs exfoliation to remove blackness from it.

For this, all you need to grab some sugar and mix it with small amount of Vaseline. Scrub this mixture gently over your lips for few minutes and then wipe it off. Prefer brown sugar as these are softer than granulated sugar.

#3. Define Eyelashes

if you want to get waterproof eyelashes then try Vaseline. Vaseline uses for beauty and cosmetics heck. find more 40 useful benefits of Vaseline here.
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Before putting extreme pressure on eyelashes by mascara apply some Vaseline to avoid breakage and thinning. It will soften your eyelashes and defines them to look glossy and waterproof.

#4. Avoid Lipstick Stain on Teeth

Feeling irritated with lipstick stain. Try Vaseline to remove lipstick stain.get 40 uses of Vaseline for beauty and body on timeshood.com
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No one wants to wear lipstick on teeth. Want you?

So, before applying any dark lipsticks, rub a little jelly to your teeth to avoid its stain.

#5. Remove False Eyelashes

Vaseline uses for false eyelashes. Remove false eyelashes with Vaseline. Try 40 uses of Vaseline for beauty, body and hair.
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If your eyelashes stick falsely during your makeup then don’t worry we have a great solution. Dip a cotton bud in Vaseline and then swab it gently over false eyelashes. Keep it for some time to soften the glue and then wash it off with warm water. It’ll come out gently.

#6. Skin Highlighter

Highlight your skin naturally with Vaseline. Find 40 Uses of Vaseline for beauty, body and hair. Benefits of Vaseline for face skin.
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Vaseline work as a great skin highlighter, you just need to dab Vaseline on your cheekbones and brow bones to give dewy look. It’s pocket saving ideas to glow at parties and social gathering.

#7. Makeup Remover

Remove your eyes and face makeup easily with Vaseline. Uses of Vaseline for beauty and face. find 40 more ways to use Vaseline for skin care. Easy makeup remover tips.
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It’s really cheap and easy way to remove makeup gently especially dark eye makeup, mascara, and eyeliner. You can also apply few wipes of Vaseline over your face for gentle removal. But make sure to rise it off immediately to avoid any irritation.

#8. Great Lip Balm

Take care of your lips with Vaseline. find 40 best uses of Vaseline for beauty that no one will tell you. Grab Benefits of Vaseline for skin care

You can use Vaseline as a lip balm too because it helps to soften your lips and keep them moisturized. You can also prepare flavored homemade lip balms by adding a little Kool-Aid powder to this petroleum jelly.

#9. Rejuvenate Dull Skin

Want glowing sift skin? Then repair your skin with Vaseline. Try 40 more amazing ways to use Vaseline for beauty and skin care. Beauty tips with Vaseline.
Credit: Vitahl

Vaseline jelly work as a great moisturizer on dry, rough and tired looking skin. It creates a sealing layer on the skin and locks moisture to protect your skin’s natural beauty. Therefore it helps to maintain a healthy glow and can also be used over the sensitive area, like around eyes to remove fine line and wrinkles.

#10. Healthy Facial Spa

Get glowing face with Vaseline facial spa. Best moisturizer spa for dry skin. Find more 40 amazing ways to use Vaseline for beauty and body care. Vaseline benefits for skin care.
Credit: Evapalace

For radiant looking facial skin, rub small amount of Vaseline on your face and massage until its greasiness goes away or get absorbed deeply into the skin. It’s very easiest trick to keep glowing skin by protecting your face from excessive washing in winters.

#11. Make Cream Blusher


Now don't waste extra money on cream blusher as you can prepare it at home with Vaseline. Know how to use Vaseline for beauty and skin care. Find amazing 40 uses of Vaseline for body care.

If you are not having cream blusher. Then don’t worry you can create it at home by mixing your lipstick into Vaseline jelly. For desirable color, mix desire color of lipstick and you’ll get the perfect combination of cream blusher to use for parties.

#12. Night Cream

You can also use warm Vaseline as a night cream in winters for the soft glowing and clear skin.

Uses of Vaseline – Body

#13. Soft Cuticle And Nail Care

Nail and cuticles care with Vaseline. find more 40 beauty tips with Vaseline on timeshood.com, Vaseline uses for skincare and body-care. Get healthy nails with Vaseline
Via: Google image

Vaseline jelly is an effective way to repair dry cuticles and nails. You just need to massage little Vaseline over your nails and cuticles. Try to do it at night and cover your hands with soft gloves for overnight to lock Vaseline moisturization. This trick will help to give you soft cuticles, and shiny healthy nails.

#14. Avoid Sticking of Nail Paint on Skin And Cuticles

Use Vaseline to avoid sticking of nail paint to near by skin. Vaseline uses for beauty and skincare. know more 40 heck you can do with Vaseline on timeshood.com
Credit: Today.com

Now apply your nail paint without coloring skin around the nail. You just need to rub Vaseline to your cuticles and surrounded skin before applying nails paints to protect them from coloring. You will get a perfect manicure but without cleanup. 😉

#15. Soft Hands and Feet

Massage Vaseline on hands and feet to prevent dryness in winters. The night is the most effective time for this treatment. So try to apply it at night and cover your hands and feet with soft cotton gloves to seal the moisturization for fast results. Next morning wake up with soft hands and feet.

#16. Keep Your Perfume For Longer

Keep your perfume fragrance for longer with Vaseline. Know 40 amazing Vaseline uses for beauty and skincare.
Credit: birchbox.com

Do you know that moisturized skin hold perfume or scent better? You need to apply same formula here to keep your perfume last longer. So before applying any perfume and sent, rub some Vaseline on your neck and wrist and you will smell wonderful throughout the day.

#17. Soothe Crack Heels and Dry Elbows

How to heal crack heel? Use Vaseline to cure you crack heels. Vaseline work as great absorbing moisturizer for cracked heels. Find more 40 Vaseline uses for beauty and skincare.
Credit: Vaseline

This is one of the best formulae to heal your crack heels and dry elbows. Best time to apply Vaseline is at night before sleeping. So, rub it gently and then cover with soft cotton socks to avoid wiping to over bed sheet. Next morning you will surely you will notice the difference.

#18. Insert Your Earnings Easily

If you are not able to wear your earnings properly then rub little Vaseline on your earlobes and this time your earnings will be inserted easily. This is very easy and painless method to wear earnings after a long time.

#19. Open Your Old Nail Paint Bottles Easily

Vaseline for body care. Use Vaseline to open your nail paint bottles. Know 40 more heck that you can do with Vaseline.
Credit: Wikihow

Now you don’t need to struggle to open your oil nail paint bottles.

Rub some Vaseline on the neck of the bottle and next time open it with ease. This trick will prevent sticking of nail paint over the neck.

Use of Vaseline – Hair

#20. Defrizz Your Hair

Manage your frizzy hair with Vaseline. Use little Vaseline to soften your hair. Know more 40 Vaseline uses for hair and beauty on timeshood.com
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To settle your frizzy hair, keep little Vaseline in your palms and rub it to apply it to your frizzy hair. But don’t use much, as more Vaseline may leave your hair greasy.

#21. Conditions Your Scalp

You can rub some Vaseline into your scalp and massage gently to improve blood circulation before shampooing. It will help to remove itchiness and dryness from your scalp.

#22. Seal Dry Split Ends

Applying a small amount of Vaseline can hide your dry split ends and seal them to look even.

#23. Protect Skin Against Hair Dye/Color

How to remove hair dye from forehead skin. Try Vaseline to remove color from hair line. find 40 more uses of Vaseline for beauty and body care
Credit: sheknows.com

Before applying any hair dyeing, perming and straightening, apply a small amount of jelly around your hairline and rub it gently to protect your skin from getting color.

#24. Remove Chewing Gum From Hair

Apply Vaseline jelly over effected chew gum area and work until your gum slides away from your hair.

Uses of Vaseline – Household

#25. Shine Your Boots

Apply little Vaseline to your boots, shoes, bags and other leather stuff to shine them every day.

#26. Fix Your Stuck Zipper

Fix your stuck zipper with Vaseline. Find 40 more Vaseline uses for body care and household
Credit: Shutterstock

Don’t mess with the stuck zipper of bags, jeans, pants or other. Just apply some Vaseline on both sides of the zipper and make it unstuck easily.

#27. Remove Makeup Stain From Clothes

Remove makeup stains from cloths with Vaseline. 40 uses of Vaseline for beauty and household that you have never heard from anywhere.
Credit: mugeek.vidalondon.net

If you have makeup stains on your clothes, pillows, blanket, and sheets then apply Vaseline and leave it for some time before washing. It will help to remove stains from clothes.

#28. Prevent Door Squeaking

Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly over door hinges to prevent high pitched sounds.

#29. Fix Your Older Keys Into Rusted Lock

If your keys are not fixing to your older rusty lock then apply a layer of Vaseline over keys and try to open it. Your lock will open will ease.

#30. Avoid Paints on Glass, Doors and More

If you are getting ready to paint your room then don’t forget to polish edges of doors, glass, doorknobs and hinge with Vaseline jelly to avoid paint splatters and smears on them. After painting, wipe it off with a cloth.

#31. Open Stuck Drawers With Ease

Open stuck drawers with Vaseline. find 40 more uses of Vaseline for beauty and household
Credit: Shutterstock

Trying to open stuck drawers?

Apply a small amount of Vaseline to prevent getting stuck again, and next time your drawer will open smoothly.

#32. Prevent Aunts In Pet Food

Prevent aunts to come to your pet food by Vaseline. Use Vaseline for more than 40 ways
Credit: Youtube

To prevent aunts in your pet food, spread a thin layer of Vaseline outside your pet food. This will stop them from getting in.

#33. Prevent Sticking of Candle Around Holder

Protect candle sticking to candle holder. Use Vaseline to avoid candle vex sticking to holder. Find 40 more uses of Vaseline for skincare and household
Credit: bead-licious.com

If you want to use candle holder again, then apply a little Vaseline jelly around holder to prevent melted candle sticking to the wall.

#34. Takeout Stuck Ring With Ease

If your ring gets stuck in your finger then apply small Vaseline as it works as a great lubricant. It slips off the stuck ring, bands, and bangles from your finger and hands. You just need to twist your ring after applying Vaseline.

#35. Firestarter

Use Vaseline as fire starter. Find 40 more amazing uses of Vaseline for beauty, body and household
Credit: Shutterstock

If you are going to camping then don’t forget to take Vaseline as a fire starter as it will solve your fire-related problem. You just need to dip a little cotton ball in Vaseline and keep it on top of woods to start a fire easily.

#36. Maintain Your Razor

Use Vaseline over blades to keep them new in between uses but before that make sure it should be dry to prevent rust.

Uses of Vaseline – Medicinal Treatment

#37. Back Pain Relieves

Back pain massage with Vaseline. Use Vaseline to relieve back pain and know 40 more easy use of Vaseline. Vaseline benefits for body.
Credit: clearwater-massage.com

Even warmed petroleum jelly can be used as back pain soother. Just massage some warm jelly over your back.

#38. For Cough

To treat a cough, you can apply Vaseline over your chest and make sure it should absorb fully. Cover your chest with warm clothes as it will help to clear your chest and you will be able to breathe better.

#39. Soothe Baby’s Diaper Rash

Baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate that need to care gently. Vaseline is triple purified nonirritating products that can be used for diapers rashes. You just need to apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the rash to lock moisture and heal irritation in the surrounded area.

#40. Protect Babies Eyes from Shampoo Suds

Protect baby eyes from shampoo. Use Vaseline to protect baby eyes so they can enjoy bathing. Know 40 more uses of Vaseline for beauty, hair and household
Credit: parentinghub.co.za

Apply little Vaseline over your baby’s eyebrows during bath time. It will help to keep shampoo suds away from your baby’s eyes and they will enjoy bathing.

Avoid common misconception about Vaseline

  • Don’t apply it to cuts and burns as it does not have antiseptic properties. In fact, moisture barrier makes it poor choice to apply on fresh burn and cuts. But you can mix Vaseline to different varieties of lotions which are best for burns.
  • Don’t use Vaseline on new tattoos as its one of the major misconception that people follow. Vaseline draws ink from fresh tattoos, clog pores and increase chances of breakout and ruin tattoos ink.
  • Don’t use Vaseline for treatment of acne, pimples and other oily skin condition.
  • Always clean your skin before applying Vaseline for moisturization.
  • Don’t use Vaseline as an anti-fungal. (via)

I am sure, now you are aware of vaseline benefits for skin care and body care. As I told above, it’s not only moisturizer, you may use vaseline in multiple ways to ease your everyday life. Find vaseline petroleum jelly here.

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