Look 10 Years Younger with Rice Water [Benefits & How to Prepare]


Rice Water Benefits and How to prepare - DIY Beauty tips

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To look 10 years younger is not a dream now, for that you need to incorporate some new healthy habits in your daily skin care routine.

Yes, of course, eating green leafy and exercise play an important role to slow down the aging process. But apart from this, you really need something extra to take care of your skin.

Japanese and Korean girls are using this beauty regime from ancient times. No wonder they look so young even as they age. So what’s that secret?

It’s RICE!

We all have this ingredient in our kitchen but never used it like this before.

Rice is a great source of beauty minerals and nutrients that work amazing on the skin and hair. Vitamine B in rice, named “inositol” renew the skin, slow down aging and promote hair health. Regular use of this beauty mask can make you look 10 years younger.

Korean and Japanese Beauty Secrets with Rice: Research

Rice water has been used in eastern medicine to keep skin youthful and glowing. Not only skin, on hair also it works wonderfully. Since many years, female rice farmers in Japan used to take bathe and wash their hair in water used for cleaning white rice.

One research published in spring8, the most effective hair care product in Japan is only one substance that found in rice water, called inositol, proved to improve the elasticity of hair and make them more beautiful.

While another research in the International Journal of Cosmetic Chemists published in November 2010, noted that the longstanding traditional hair care method of the Heian period—rinsing hair with rice water—could prove beneficial to people in the modern era, as well. (via)

Both of these research found that extract created from rice water is very effective for skin and hair health and can be an ideal addition to commercial skin care and hair care product.

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How to make rice water for skin and hair

Ingredients required:

  • ½ cup uncooked rice
  • 2 cups of water

Method 1: No-boil rice water

To make quick rice water, first rinse rice with water to remove dirt, pesticides and other impurities that were on the rice. Take 2 cups of water and put a half cup of rice into it and keep it for 15 minutes. Now, strain the rice from the water and collect into a clean bowl. You can use this rice water for skin and hair.

Method 2: Boiled rice water

This is concentrated form of rice water with high nutrients that you need to dilute to use for all week long as facial toner and hair wash. To make this, prepare rice you normally do. After the rice has cooked, strain out water from it. You will get a vivid white color rice water. Don’t use it full strength. Instead dilute few tsp of this concentrated rice water into a cup of clean water, to make milky mixtures.

You can use this diluted rice water to wash your face and hair, and store the leftover concentrated rice water in the refrigerator for up to one week.  Keep it in tightly covered container.

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How to make rice water mask to look 10 years younger:

Rice water benefits & How to Prepare for skin and hair, Rice Water for skin care and hair growth

Ingredients required:

  • 1 tsp honey
  • 3 tsp rice
  • 1 tsp milk

How to prepare:

1). Boil half cup of rice in 2 cups of water on simmer heat, as I explained above.

2). Let it be cool for few minutes and strain the water from rice.

3). you will get vivid white color rice water, store this in a tight jar in the refrigerator.

4). Now, mash the boiled rice water with a spoon to make a paste.

5). Mix 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of milk in rice paste.

6). Massage this paste in slow circular motion for few minutes and then leave for 10-15 minutes.

7). Wash your face with Luke warm water, wipe it using a soft towel.

8). Now, take out few tsp of concerted rice water in a bowl and 4-6 Tsp of water to make it milky mixture.

9). Gently apply this milky rice water onto your face like a toner.

You can use this youthful rice water every night before bed also, to tighten the skin and get rid of dark circles. Apply this mask twice a week. Regular use of it will give you a radiant and flawless skin.

Beauty benefits of rice water for skin and hair

#1. Skin Toner:

Rice water is excellent natural skin toner. Soak a cotton ball in rice water and apply it on the face, after washing, keep it for 10-15 minutes or you can leave it overnight. It promotes cell growth, stimulate blood flow, and keep your skin smooth and glowing and help to make even skin tone.

#2. Facial Cleanser:

To use as a cleanser, simply dip a cotton ball in the rice water and massage gently on your face for few minutes. After massage keeps it for few minutes to let your face absorb it fully. Regular use of this cleanser will make your skin soft, tight and radiant. Add this massage into your skin care routine to shine more.

#3. Reduce Pore Size:

Big pore size gives unhealthy look to skin and makes it look mature and old. Applying rice water regularly can help to get rid of this problem. Simply dip a cotton ball in rice water and apply. It acts as natural astringents, therefore tighten the pore size and helps to reduce the pore size

#4. Acne Healer:

Rice water helps to heal acne and spots. Apply it on acne area by using a cotton ball. It also treats the redness of an outbreak of acne.

#5. Treat Eczema:

For eczema treatment, take boiled rice water. Don’t strain it frequently as possibilities of loss of starch component are high. Cool the water and apply it on affected area. Rice is a rich source of starch that helps to treat eczema if used regularly.

#6. Soothe Sunburn:

Rice water is also used for cooling inflammations and burnt skin. It will help your skin recover fast and prevent further damage. Use cold rice water in such case.

#7. Anti-Aging:

Rice water contains all essentials nutrients that need for skin regeneration. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles from the skin and make it look 10 years younger and radiant.

#8. Hair Mask:

Rice water gives long and silky shiny hair on regular use after every wash. To use it, pour rice water on your scalp, after shampoo. Gently massage your hair and leave this water for few minutes to absorb it deeply. Now wash with normal water. Use it once or twice a week in the last rinse.

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What to do with leftover rice after making the rice water?

You can use that boiled rice as a body scrub. To make the scrub, grind the rice and mix it with 1-2 tsp of olive oil and lemon juice and give a gentle massage to your body. It is excellent exfoliator that will nourish your skin naturally.

Rice water is recommended by doctors and Ayurveda as well. Don’t apply hot rice water to your skin, as it might burn or cause rashes to your skin.  Hope this information will be useful for you.

Share your experience in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this rice water secrete 😉  Be healthy and Take care!

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