15 Cute Owl Crochet Pattern You’ll Love to See



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Are not these little owls are cute?

This amigurumi owl crochet patterns are outstanding to decorate your desktop, interior, laptop desk, Christmas tree, indoor garden and perfect to surprise your loved one. 

You’ll be going to love this cute crochet collection for sure. There is something for everyone to check out. 

Check them and knit the lovely one for yourself or even buy. 

1. Baby Owl Free Pattern

Baby owl free crochet pattern. Free easy amigurumi crochet pattern. Crochet cute animal pattern.
Credit: Little Muggles

Here’s What Little Muggles Have To Say – 

“Presenting my little beanbag baby owl!
These cute little guys make for a simple little project that even beginners can make! They make great gifts and decorations!

My examples stand at 4.5inches high. I used polyester pellets in the body to give it extra stability and weight. I think they make great little decorations for desktops or work stations!”

Get the free amigurumi owl pattern here.

2. Crochet Owl Granny Square

Crochet owl granny square. Best crochet free pattern for beginners. Owl crochet pattern to design at home.
Credit: Dada’s Place

We spotted these adorable owls from Dragana’s blog – Dada’s Place. This pattern is taken from Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me.

You can also use these granny square owls in the blanket. 

Get the free crochet pattern here. 

3. Baby Owl Ornaments

Baby owl ornaments crochet pattern. Best free crochet pattern design for beginners to start. Crochet amigurumi pattern. Baby animal crochet.
Credit: Blueprint

These baby owls crochet is so cute that if once you have made one, you’ll no longer wait to create dozens. 

These amigurumi patterns are so easy and quick to crochet for a beginner. You can decorate your house, parties, can gift to your loved one or can use as a key chain. 

So, what’s your favorite color? 

This pattern is via A Morning Cup of Joy Creations.

Get the free pattern here. 

4. Crochet Owl Candy Cane Ornaments

Crochet owl candy cane ornaments. Free crochet owl pattern. Owl ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree and indoor plant.
Credit: Repeat Crafter Me

These little guys are great for the festive season to decorate your tree. 

Just see their face. How cute they are looking together while holding a sweet treat. 

You would love to gift this item on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and on various festive occasion to your loved one.  

This creative owl pattern is created by Sarah on her blog Repeat Crafter Me. 

Get this free owl ornaments here.

5. An Owl Is Born

Free crochet amigurumi owls pattern. Baby animal crochet pattern for beginners. Best crochet owl design to decorate your home loving.
Credit: Ravelry

This crochet owl pattern can make your day if you love doing crochet baby animals. 

These are the best crochet for beginners to learn amigurumi designs. Decorate your house for the festive boom. 

Get this free crochet pattern at Ravelry in this attached pdf file.                     

6. Crochet Owl Free Pattern

Cute owl crochet pattern for beginners. Best amigurumi owl crochet pattern. Easy animal crochet pattern ideas you'll love.
Credit: Fukurou Crafts

Get this free amigurumi crochet pattern at Fukurous Crafts.

7. Crochet Owl Pouch Pattern

Cute and adorable owl crochet pattern. Free crochet owl pattern ideas for beginners, Find best 15 creative ideas of owl crochet.
Credit: One Dog Woof

This pattern is designed by Chiwei on her blog One Dog Woof.

Here’s What She Has To Say – 

These pocket darlings can be made in a variety of colors and patterns and can hold any little thing your heart desires. This is a free pattern, so feel free to sell your finished creations.  

Get this free owl crochet pattern here.

8. Crochet Amigurumi Free Pattern

Cute owl crochet pattern for free. Best crochet animal pattern to start with. Amigurumi crochet pattern ideas for baby animals.
Credit: Ravelry

This cute little owl named Jip is designed by Tessa van Riet-Ernst from Woolytoons the author of the Amigurumi & more series.

Get this free pattern at Ravelry. 

9. Crochet Owl Ring Baby Toy

Crochet owl ring baby toy. Creative crochet design for baby to play. Best free crochet pattern.
Credit: Repeat Crafter Me

Get the free crochet pattern at Repeat Crafter Me. 

10. Olga Owl Crochets

Olga owl crochet Free pattern for appliance and earrings. Easy owl crochet patterns for kitchen.
Credit: Divine Debris

These cute owl earrings and applique is designed by Amber, a blogger on Divine Debris. 

Here’s What She Has To Say –

In this pattern, I adapted my very popular earring design to a coaster/ applique pattern and also included the earrings.

I hope you love these as much as I loved making them. They’re super easy to customize and always a hit, in my experience.

Get this free crochet pattern at Divine Debris. 

11. Bonbon The Owl Pattern

Crochet owls free pattern bags, tissue bag, garden hanging, and so many crazy useful ideas. Best crochet owl pattern ideas. Handmade crochet owl design.
Credit: Snappy Tots

As per by Heidi – a blogger and crochet designer from Snappy Tots, these cute little charm are perfect for toilet paper holder, little purse, and can be held by a variety of items. 

Get this free crochet pattern here. 

12. Wise Cozy Owl 

Wise owl cozy crochet pattern for beginners. Best crochet free design and ideas to start with. Easy crochet baby animals ideas.
Credit: All Free Crochet

This wise cozy owl crochet pattern is designed by Redheart. 

Here’s What They Have To Say- 

Make your morning cup of coffee more enjoyable with this Wise Owl Cozy. Dress up your mug with this easy crochet pattern.

Let this cute little owl keep you company as you sip your warm beverage. It also makes a great homemade gift idea for teachers, family, and friends of all ages.

You’ll instantly feel wiser when you use this cute cozy.

Get this free crochet pattern at All Free Crochet.  

13. Crochet Sleeping Owl Mask Pattern

Adorable crochet sleeping owl mask pattern. Creative ideas to crochet sleeping mask. Best owl crochet design ideas.
Credit: Repeat Crafter Me

This sleeping owl mask is designed by Sarah from her blog Repeat Crafter Me. 

Here’s What She Has To Say- 

Forget counting sheep at night; let the owls help you get some shut-eye this evening with this cute Sleepy Owl Mask.

Use worsted weight yarn, ribbon, and a small piece of fleece to complete this free crochet pattern.

This is a great pattern to make if you’re in need of some quality rest and relaxation.

Get this free crochet pattern here. 

14. Little Crochet Owls

Little owl amirgurmi crochet design ideas. Best free crochet designs. Baby animals crochet ideas.
Credit: Dada’s Place

Get this free crochet owl pattern at Dada’s Place. 

15. Baby Snow Owl Crochet Pattern

Baby snow owl crochet toy pattern. Cute crochet baby owl toys pattern. Fluffy owl crochet pattern for children to play with.
Credit: Mama In A Stitch

This cute little furry owl is designed by Jessica on her blog Mama In A Stitch 

Here’s What She Has To Say –

This baby snow owl is sure to bring smiles to whoever it meets.

With its fuzzy baby feathers and big eyes, she is sure to be a hit! Using a size F crochet hook and worsted weight yarn, this simple amigurumi pattern works up in no time.

The fun fur is added with surface single crochet stitches, making it very easy to work with. A cute little owl for the fall season or for any time of year!”

Get this free crochet pattern here.

Which one is your favorite?

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