15 Easy Christmas Cookies and Cakes That Can Make Your Mouth Watery


Try new Christmas cookies and cakes recipes to get appreciation from your family and friends. Get 15 easy DIY Christmas recipes on timeshood.com

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When we talk about Christmas, cookies and cakes are the first thing that comes to our mind. After all, for a grand celebration, desired food choices of everyone should be full filled completely.

So, if u get bored with normal cookies and want to try something new then we have collected some delicious cookies and cakes recipes for you that can give you all the appreciation from your guest on Christmas Eve.

Try these most favorite 15 easy Christmas recipes that can make your mouth watery.

Easy to Prepare Christmas Desserts

1. Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles

Sugar cookies truffles for Christmas. Yummy and delicious cookies for Christmas and festivals.
Via: if you give a blonde a kitchen

Try some new cookies instead of making regular sugar cookies. Have a look at delicious Not baked Christmas sugar cookies recipes from If You Give A Blonde Kitchen that is made up of only four ingredients: sugar cookies, cream cheese, white chocolate, and sprinkles. I am definitely going to try this. Don’t you?

2. Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake

Christmas vanilla roll cake recipe. Try new recipes on this Christmas. Best cake roll recipes for Christmas.
Via: A Treats Affair

Make your Christmas tasty and healthier with lots of new easily prepare cakes recipes. For sure your kids and guests will love this vanilla roll cake.

3. Pistachio Cake

Pistachio shortbread dessert for Christmas parties and social gathering. Try something new and give amazing tastes to your loved one that they will love to eat again and again.
Via: lilluna.com

If you love dry fruits, then this recipe is perfect for you as it’s made up of healthy pistachios. This dry fruits and creamy pistachio cake combo are so yummy and delicious that you can’t control your urge to eat this.

4. Funfetti Cake Batter Truffles

Try new recipes funfetti cake truffles on this Christmas. Delicious and yummy balls
Via: Laurens Latest

Another second no-bake cookies recipes that you should absolutely try on this Christmas. I can’t hold myself without trying this roll cake truffle on special dinner.

Trying different flavor Cake Batter Truffles not only fulfill your taste but also inspire to explore more in cooking and baking.

5. Snowball Cookies

Snowball cookie recipe for Christmas. Make your Christmas tastier and healthier with these amazing 15 recipes.
Via: Setting For Four

It’s can be a fabulous gift item for your family and friend on Christmas. These snowball cookies are cute looking tasty treats that are the perfect size to pop into your mouth. So, surprise them with very little and get huge appreciation.

6. Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Christmas Chocolate Truffles Recipes for Celebration. Find more 15 delicious cookies and cakes recipes for Christmas
Via: Lord Byron’s Kitchen

These special chocolate truffles from Lord Byron’s kitchen are easy to prepare and the best sweet treat that you can enjoy till the last bite.

7. Peppermint Brownies

Peppermint brownies for Christmas. DIY cookies and brownies recipes for Christmas. Try something new and explore more tasty food on timeshood.com
Via: Cincy Shopper

A layer of chocolates and peppermint buttercream frosting is the delicious treat that can bring water to anyone mouth. If you want to try some new dessert on this Christmas then add this Peppermint Brownies recipe to your list.

8. Strawberry Santa’s Treat

Strawberry Santa Recipes for Christmas. Try easy recipes for your kids on this Christmas. Christmas Santa's recipes for kids. Get more 15 Christmas cookies on timeshood.com
Via: Smart School House

A funny and creative Santas treat for your kids to eat and play at the same time. This sweet and creamy vanilla combination is very yummy with strawberries that can confuse you whether to eat or decorate.

9. Christmas Tree Brownies

Try this Christmas tree brownies on special eve and parties. DIY recipes for Christmas. Find more 15 cookies recipes on timeshood.com
Via: Betty Crocker

For sure, this Christmas trees brownies brings cheeriness to your Christmas Eve dining table. It’s really creative brownies that can decorate your foods so wonderfully and caught everyone attention.

10. Christmas Rice Crispy Treat Bite

Try Christmas rice crispy treat bites. Impress your kids with these crispy rice bites. DIY Christmas recipes
Via: Two Sisters Crafting

Yummy bite size crunchy rice crispy balls are the funny treat for everyone. Your kids will love these colorful balls and it turns out to be great food for them.

11. Ding Dong Chocolate Cake

Try this homemade ding dong cake recipes on Christmas. Enjoy yummy and delicious eating . DIY Cake recipes for Christmas.
Via: Culinary Hill

For the chocolate lover, it’s going to be the perfect treat as it’s filled with lots of chocolate frostings that can bring water in anyone mouth. You cant control yourself without tasting this great dessert (Ding Dong Chocolate Cake).

12. Sugar Cookie Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

Try sugar cookie bars with cream cheese frosting. DIY Christmas Recipes.
Via: Averie Cooks

A fantastic classic holiday treat that is faster and easier to cook than other cookies. These are buttery soft in the middle and bit of chewiness around edges. Decorate your Christmas Eve dining table with these creamy cheese frosting cookies bars to take lots of appreciation.

13. Red Velvet Truffles

Red Velvet Cake for Christmas. Try delicious DIY cake recipes for Christmas.
Via: Dessert For Two

Wow, So Yummy! This 3 layers red velvet truffle cake is must have dessert for Christmas and sure this recipe will win many hearts in your Christmas party.

14. Vanilla Mousse with Chocolate

Try vanilla mousse cups for Christmas. DIY Home made recipes that can win many hearts on Christmas eve. Get more on timeshood.com
Via: Natasha’s kitchen

The perfect Creamy texture with smooth chocolate jello layer makes it impressive dessert for dinner parties, Christmas and valentine day. Know how to prepare Vanilla Mousse with Chocolate.

15. Fruit and Brownie Trifles

Try this fruit brownie trifle recipe for Christmas and parties. DIY Christmas Recipes.
Via: Just A Taste

Great chocolate dessert with chewy, crispy, and fudgy bite-size cubes of the different flavors that will be dissolved in your mouth easily and for sure you will wait for the second bite. Use only fresh fruits to eat tastily.

Hope you enjoyed our list of favorite Christmas recipes! Huge thanks to those food bloggers whose recipes are featured in this post.

So what you are preparing for this Christmas?

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