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Submission Guidelines

Our readers are busy, active people, who want useful information that resonates with their lifestyle. They want quick, effective tips; well-researched and backed-up information that they can easily absorb and understand; and easy recipes and how-to guides that they can incorporate into their everyday life.

Our Interests

Timeshood has different interest and information that we are in search of or looking for:

  • Health & Wellness – Expert information offering the reader nutritional value and a guide in taking the right meals, right meal combinations at the right time. Recommendations on what to take especially if aiming to achieve a certain health objective of it is only for nutritional purposes. Expert advice on health, fitness, how to lose weight objectively and more efficiently using the best means possible.
  • Beauty & Skin Care – Provides expert advice on skin care products, practices, home remedies, and beauty routines.
  • Life – Food & Recipes, Travel, Books, Motivations, Learning & Education, DIY & Decore, Craft ideas, etc.
  • Events – Topics which talk about particular Holidays & Events (Special days, Festivals, etc.) and share relevant contents.

Voice and Tone

  • We. and You. Speak directly to our readers(audience). Your tone can be authoritative and educational, or casual and conversational.
  • In the present tense: this gives your article immediacy (“the study shows…”). Also, keep all content evergreen, so it does not become outdated.
  • Avoid hyperbole and sensational claims (“a sugar-free diet will cure cancer”), as well as negative bias.
  • Write clear, catchy, and concise copy: Keep in mind that most Timeshood readers are busy and consuming content on their mobile phone.

Content Guideline

  • Creativity – Content, and information are anywhere and everywhere today. So your work should be able to capture the attention of the readers, retain it and ensure repeated access to that specific information. To do that, you have to take a step, go out of your way to be creative and deliver the content in a fun but creative way. Get a solid start and an appealing end of the article, and summarize your article with a separate conclusion section in the end.
  • Formatting – Does Your Title Answer a Question?
    • The best titles offer an answer to a specific problem, give a measurable result, or provide insight into your article’s main objective
      • The 5 Best Yoga Asanas to Strengthen Your Core
      • 10 Tips On How To Study Smart
      • 10 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight
      • 15 Quick & Easy Breakfast recipes to try
    • Break Your Content Down Using Lists or Sub-Headers:
      • Sub-Headings and numbered or bulleted lists help our readers easily learn from you
      • Header in bold, first word capitalized, no period, text directly below
      • Example:
        1. First thing to do
          Copy to prove that first thing
        2. Second next step
          Copy here to prove that second thing
        3. Thirdly, conclude by doing this
          Copy here to prove that third thing
    • Recipes:
      • Make your intro catchy and concise (typically no more than 2-3 paragraphs)
      • List ingredients first, as a bulleted list
      • Instructions next, as a numbered list
  • Minimum number of words – For general articles, the minimum number of words is around 1000-1500. However, for other articles such as workouts and recipes, the length is not limited ensuring* that you have the space needed to ensure that your work is comprehensive and clear.
  • References – For content acquired from articles or studies, ensure the content is well referenced or cited in order to create unique and quality content for visitors and readers. They should be created at the very end of the article with hyperlinks leading to the specific study content used.

Images & Infographic Submissions

  • If aiming at including images, infographics or graphs into your content, ensure they meet the following requirements before submitting them.
    • Size: They should be at least 800 by 500 or larger. In fact, the bigger the image is the better it will be.
    • Format: The images should be either JPG, PDF, GIF or PNG
    • Original: they must be your own or original and not from image downloads. Otherwise, you have to attain a right to use the images and provide the needed proof or approval issued to use the said images
    • Personal images: These are encouraged only if the content gives descriptions, specific exercise routines or techniques not known to others.
    • Must also include at least 500 words of original text. We expect this content to be as well written as a normal full-length blog post. If an infographic post contains thin text(unable to read), regardless of how good the image is, it will be rejected.


  • Do not submit your content if you are an SEO agency or content farm seeking backlinks. We only link to individual bloggers, original content creator, experts whose websites or businesses are in-line with our values.
  • Advertisers can reach our Ad Sales Team at info[@]timeshood.com
  • Your content must be original – this means it must never have been posted anywhere else, including your own website or blog (and it is not slated to go live on other sites).
    • We’ll let you know within 7-days if your post has been accepted. If it has not (or you don’t hear from us at all, which mean we passed), you are free to submit your article to other sites
  • Include your full name, website, facebook page and bio (120 words or less) at the bottom of your article. We want to feature and link to our wonderful contributors. Please attach a headshot or picture to go with your bio.

To submit, email our team at editor[@]timeshood[dot]com

  • Submit one article at a time (or 1 every 7 days).
  • Use the email subject line as your title, paste your formatted article *into* the body of the email or attach your Word file.
  • Include any photos as attachments.
  • In submitting, you accept our terms and any form of editing timeshood editorial staff decides to implement to enhance its readability and virality.
  • Assuming your article meets the requirements above and follows our guidelines, you’ll hear back from us within 7-days.

Thank you for being part of our community!