30 awesome and cool Christmas gift for dad, co-worker, friend, and boss

Planning to gift men?

But confuse what to gift that he’ll love to keep.

You know during holidays, Christmas, celebration and festivals, retailers sell tons of wallets, sports sweatshirts, shoes, jeans and much more wearing stuff.

These items are necessary daily use stuff that people are gifting from past many years. And if you ask me honestly, it won’t create the much happy difference to them.

Give something extraordinary that they haven’t imagined and always wish somebody gift to them.

Keeping everything in mind, like fashion, lifestyle, body, health, hairstyle, fun, foods and trends, here we have collected some awesome gift ideas for men that can bring a big smile on their face.

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Awesome Gift Ideas for Men (Dad, Co-Worker, Friends, and Boss)

1. Good Day Bad Day Funny Glass

Good Day Bad Day Funny Glass Gift Idea. Funny and unique gift for your dad, grandpa, coworker, boss, and friends. Cool Christmas gift, Thanksgiving Ideas.

Funny and unique gift for your dad, grandpa, coworker, boss, friends, and persons who love drinking wine.

Almost every man has a habit to celebrate their bad/good/normal day. You might have seen them by saying, OHH! “Today was really hectic/awesome day” and start moving towards their home bar to have a drink. 😉

So let them celebrate with this funny liquor glass that will control their alcohol level like how much they should drink as per their daily spend.

For sure all men going to love this unique gift and they can’t say NO.

2. Eyes Glass Spectacle Holder

Eyes Glass Spectacle Holder. funny and very unique gift idea. Special Day, Christmas gift ideas, Thanksgiving.

These holders are really funny and very unique gift for people who often forget to place their spectacles in the right place and search it later.

You too might be having some careless and dambo friends like me whos memories are even lesser than our grandparents. 😉

Gift them this useful spectacle stand to remind them where to keep their second eyes next time. 😉

3. Mobile Printer

Mobile Printer Gift Idea. frame your complete family photos as gift to your loved one on this Christmas. Gift for your dad, grandpa, coworker, boss, friends. Thanksgiving Gift ideas.

Most of the times it happens when we thought to frame some good-looking pics. But then suddenly drop as soft copy it by thinking, who will take more suffering.

For them, this printer is the ideal solution that can print your pictures immediately. People who love to save memories in frames, turn out to be the best gift. So when you are framing your complete family photos to gift to your loved one on this Christmas.

4. Portable Table Tennis

Portable Table Tennis Gift Idea. Gift ideas for dad, grandpa, coworker, boss, friends. Christmas Gift Ideas. Thanksgiving Ideas.

Going for a picnic or outdoor fun activities or even at home, it’s going to be awesome gift ideas for sporty men and children. You can carry this portable table tennis to any place and enjoy your day out.

5. Rechargeable Heated Insole

Cool Gift ideas. Awesome gift for dad/uncle’s health and want to keep them warm all winter. Best Christmas gift ideas. Thanksgiving gift ideas.

If you are worried about your old dad/uncle’s health and want to keep them warm all winter long so they can enjoy each and every day fearlessly.

Then this is really an awesome gift for them that will keep their feet warm throughout the cold days so they can enjoy their Christmas outdoor activities comfortably.

6. Wine Chiller

For all wine lover dad, boss, friends, Co-workers, family. Keep wine fresh & cold. Best Christmas gift ideas. Cool gift for your boss.

For all wine lover (dad, boss, friends, Co-workers, family) this is a common problem to keep their wine fresh and cold until the last sip.

They try to finish it very fast as keeping wine at drinkable temperature is a great dilemma. Try this fantastic reviews wine chillers to keep its flavor and freshness for longer or gift it to the die-hard wine lover so they can enjoy it slowly.

7. Beard Brush and Comb Set

Beard brush and comb set. awesome gift for beard men. Best Bamboo Beard Kit for Home and Travel.

This pocket-size beard brush is really an awesome gift for your beard men. They can easily maintain their beard by lifting away dust and distribute comfortably.

Its design is so perfect and highly positively reviewed by users as it can easily penetrate to normal, fine and damaged beard and help to reduce static.

8. Fit bit Fitness Wristband

Gift ideas Men who participate in fitness and outdoor activities. Cool fitness gadget gift ideas.

Men who participate in fitness and outdoor activities a lot will absolutely love this Fitbit fitness gadget as it will notify their each and every activity throughout the day and night.

It will track everything from walking, jogging, jumping and running to eating and sleeping to update you where exactly you need to improve.

This is the best way to show your love and affection towards your parents/grandparents/uncles who are at the 3rd stage of life.

9. Home Gym

Home gym. Gift for fitness lover. Gift your family, friends, to improve their lifestyle by gifting this home gym set. Christmas gift ideas. Special day gift ideas.

If you are concerned about your father health and want them to improve their lifestyle then gifting this home gym that is really an awesome idea to take care of their health.

For fitness lover, it’s going to be a great surprise.

10. Cozy Phones Sleep Headphones

Cozy Sleep Headphones Gift Ideas. while sleeping, working out, gymming, running, yoga, meditation, relaxation. Christmas, Special day, thanksgiving gift ideas

These headphones are very comfortable with ultra-thin speakers that you can use while sleeping, working out, gym, running, yoga, meditation, relaxation and even on very cold days to protect yourself.

Now your children, college students, noisy roommates and snoring spouse and coends will not disturb you. The best thing is that it’s really very comfortable and won’t hurt ears like ear buds or bulky earphones headbands. Instead of others, gift it to yourself on this Christmas. 😉

11. Beer Soap

Beer Soap Gift Ideas for Special Day. Awesome gift for beer lover. Gift Ideas for Dad, Boyfriend, Boss, Friends. Gift items for special days. Christmas gift ideas, Gift for Thanksgiving.

For beer lover (Dad, Boyfriend, Boss, Friends) people it’s a really awesome gift that smells so wonderful.

It’s just not for scent, but also give awesome cleaning experience as per reviewed by several users. Its delicious smell confuses your mind whether to eat or take bath. 😉

12. HD Video Calling and Recording

HD Video Calling and Recording - Gift Ideas. Christmas gift ideas for family, friends. Thanksgiving gift ideas. Cool items to buy and give. HD video webcam as a gift items for computer geeks.

Like me, there are lots of people who love to record beautiful moments of life to watch it later as sweet memories.

If your dad, brother, friends, and uncles, are one of them who love video calling and recording then gift this awesome HD system to them.

They can record everything like singing, dancing, funny activity, celebrations and many things in high definition quality. This is really one of the most appreciating and highly reviewed by men on Amazon. You can also use it for your personal blog or YouTube channel.

13. Portable Charger with High-Speed Charging

Portable charger with high-speed charging power. affordable and usable gift item for men. Christmas gift ideas. Thanksgiving gift ideas.

Often it happens when we are not able to connect with our loved ones and they reply by saying that they were traveling and not having enough charging on their phone to pick up phones.

It happens mostly with men as they tend to be outside most of the time. To remove this type of worries from your life, gift this portable mobile charger to your dad, friends, husband, brother or friends to use in an emergency. This is really an affordable and usable gift item for men.

14. Cocktail Shaker and Bar Tool Set

Cocktail Shaker and Bar Tool Set. Cool Gift ideas for parties celebration. Christmas, Thanksgiving special day gift items. Gift ideas for men.

I know, for you too it really troublemaking when your friends/family start preparing drink and what they do is mesh up your whole kitchen. Gift this cocktail and drink preparing tool for your dad, friends, and co-workers and boss who celebrate almost every single day whether good or bad. This is set of 10 pieces of stainless steel bar which is great for house parties and celebration especially on Christmas.

15. Cozy Wireless Trackball

Wireless Trackball mouse. Best gift ideas for dad, friends, and boss. Gift for computer lovers. Cool gadgets for gift. Christmas gift items.

If your dad, friends, and boss spend lots of time in front of computers then this is perfect gadgets to impress them.

Holding mouse for a long time can cramp your hand and wrist. This wireless trackball provides a best comfortable solution like you can use it while sitting on sofas, table, your favorite chair, messy blanket or from anywhere you want.

You just need to use your thumb to move the cursor instead of hands. This technology really makes things very comfortable for computer lovers whether you are gaming or working.

16. Glass Coffee Maker

Glass Coffee Maker. Gift items for Coffee lover. Best gift ideas for Christmas, thanksgiving or any special day.

If you looking for something interesting for any coffee lover then for sure you are missing something really great. This coffee maker flask provides best brewing temperature with easily handle leather from the middle.

17. Safety Goggles

Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle. Gift to your dad, husband, or friends who spend too much time in their workshop for DIY projects. Gift ideas for men.

If your dad, husband, or friends spend too much time in their workshop for DIY projects then gift this safety goggles to keep their eyes safe.

It’s very comfortable and adjustable lens coating formula that protects their eyes against fogging and provide high protection from dust and debris.

18. Philips Norelco 3D Shaver

Philips Norelco Shaver 8800. Awesome gift ideas for men. Gift items for dad, husband, friends, family, boss, and coworker. Christmas, thanksgiving special day gift ideas.

One of the best 3D electric shaver that is really very smooth and fantastically reviewed by most of the men.

This is really an awesome gift for every man whether your dad, husband, friends, family, boss, and coworker. As per one review, the user says that they are able to get a shave that feels as close as a blade without having cuts on their face. It’s really a time-consuming and pocket saving ideas.

19. Leather’s Men Bag

Cross-body Satchel Messenger Bag Small. Gift items for men. Gift ideas for Christmas, thanksgiving gift ideas.

Don’t shame to rock in dude-purse. For sure your personality will look more attractive and elegant after having this on your shoulders.

20. Canon Digital SLR Camera

fantastic gift items for Christmas. Gift ideas for photography loving men. Christmas gift ideas. Thanksgiving gift ideas. Cool gift ideas for men.

For photography loving men, this is a fantastic gift for Christmas. If they love to post their every memory on Facebook and Instagram then its name (DSLR) is enough.

This is one of the higher rating camera with different lens to take awesome pics of every occasion like Christmas, birthday, wedding, parties, nature tourist. Collect your memories with perfect megapixels.

21. Bear Butt Double Hammock

Bear butt double hammock. Gift ideas for men. Outdoor gift items.

Going for outdoor backpacking camping or hiking? Get this lightweight hammock for more fun and happy experiences.

22. Leather Adjustable Camera Neck Shoulder Strap

Awesome handcrafted premium leather camera strap. Gift for photographers. Cool and useful gift ideas.

Awesome handcrafted premium leather camera strap that eliminates any pain while on long photos shoots. Gift it to photography loving people to shows more affection and love.

23. Suspender Bow Tie Set Clip

Suspender Bow Tie Set Clip. gift this pair to your dad, uncle. Gift ideas for men

Any men will love to wear this set on party and celebration as it gives a dashing and attractive look to them.

You can also gift this pair to your dad, uncle, or men for whom adjusting their paints is difficult. 😉

24. Golf Swing Trainer

Golf Swing Trainer. Great gift for golf lovers. Gift ideas for men.

For golf lover, it’s really a great gift as it acts as swing trainer to teach better swing for golf. It will help them to train their muscles memory to remember what a good swing feels like so they don’t overthink their swing when they are in the game. For sure they will love to have this gift from you especially.

25. Coolest Cooler for Beach and Outdoor Fun

Coolest cooler for beach and outdoor fun. Best gift items for this Christmas. Gift items for home. Cool gift ideas.

From your backyard to the beach, from the lake to hills, this coolest cooler turning out to be really good stuff.

For outdoor activities and fun, it fulfills almost every requirement from blender (smoothies and cocktails) to outdoor Bluetooth speakers, USB charger port, large space for your liquor and food material, LED lights in lid, bottle opener and many other things that you need for outdoor parties.

Outdoor fun and beach party-loving people will really appreciate this as if they don’t need to carry every stuff individually. Just one cooler box and everything will be solved.

26. Handcrafted Claw Keychain

Handcrafted Claw Keychain. Gift your dad, boss, colleagues, and friends. Useful gift ideas for men. Best gift ideas.

These handcrafted keychains are really fashionable and easily available place to find your keys. It’s made up of top quality leather that looks very elegant and graceful while hanging on sides. Now there are no ways that your dad, boss, colleagues, and friends forget their important keys.

27. Bakblade Hair Removal and Body Shaver

Bakblade hair removal and body shaver. Useful gift ideas for men. Gift ideas for dad, husband, friends.

If it’s really hard for them to take care of their back body then help them by gifting this amazing bakblade hair removal tools that will comfortably remove their hairs and clean without cutting and worrying.

28. Couch Coaster

Couch Coaster, Drink, and Coffee holder. Gift ideas for men. Useful gift items for home.

If you are tired from careless men around you who used to stain your sofa by their drinking/eating habits. Then don’t worry there is the great solution for such type of people especially our grandparents and kids who eat less and spread more.

This couch coaster will hold your favorite cold and hot drinks tightly so that you can easily do other stuff while sipping your tea/coffee/drink at the same time. Most of appreciating things women are purchasing for their husband to make them more comfortable in drinking manner.

29. Dog Lounge Studios Bamboo Hammock

For dog lover men, gift this awesome pet loving accessories to get close to their heart.

Dog lounge studios bamboo hammock. Cool gift ideas for your pet. Awesome gift for dog lover men. Best gift ideas

30. Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor. Best gift ideas for baby shower. Useful gift items. Gift your brother, friend, boss or any men who becomes a father recently.

You might be thinking that how this can be a great gift for men? Right?

But yes, for them who becomes a father recently, he might be your brother, friend, boss or any men. This wireless video monitor will help to check on his baby whenever he wants even at night. Just ask how relaxing you have made their life after gifting this.

Don’t forget to tell us which one you like the most as gift ideas for men. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Pinterest for more happy hacks.

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