Fitness gadgets & Accessories

In this busy world, people are giving importance to their work and neglecting their health. Yes of course work is important, but to take care of health is also your responsibility. There is a quote “health is wealth”.

Now a day’s people are spending their lot of money and time at the gym. But they don’t know there are so many useful fitness gadgets and accessories which will help you to do effective fitness training at home. But how do we know that we are doing great day by day? Here are some useful fitness gadgets that will help you to track your performance level in jogging, walking, jumping, running, and in other physical activities.

Gadgets like Fitbit will track your heart rate, calories burn to step taken.Here are some gadgets which will make your physical activities easy.

Useful Fitness gadgets & Accessories list:

1. Fitness Tracker:

Fitbit fitness gadgets

One of the cool and most popular fitness gadgets which will track all of your fitness activities like your steps taken, Calories Burn, Heart Rate, Sleep Quality and helps to achieve you target with Smart Track automatic exercise recognition.

Equipped with advanced tech sensors which will track your all day and night activities. At night, it will track your sleep and set a silent alarm to wake better and get your best rest. Water and dust resistance features make this device more tough and durable. It is recommended that band should be dry and clean as it will be best for your skin. Battery life will be last up to 5 days.

Best tracking band on amazon: Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Fitbit Flex 2 for (swimmer)

2. Smart phone holder while jogging, walking and exercise:

Fitness Accessories

We are so habitual of phones that we don’t want to keep it away for even a single minute. One of the common problem every sports person faces during their physical exercise, where to keep our phone safely. So how it is possible to keep phone during jogging walking and physical activities?

Here is the alternative solution for this. This running belt smartphone holder with a clear plastic covering will keep your phone stable without bouncing, slipping or feeling too tight. It provides an amazing balance of comfort and security allowing you to move freely through your exercise.

3. Resistance Loop Exercise Bands:

Resistance Loop bands - Fitness Accessories

People are spending their so much time and money in the gym to improve their fitness and lifestyle. What if I told you, that you can do all these activities at home without any gym tools? Those who don’t like to join a gym and looking for the effective workout at home should try these resistance band.

Yes, here is the best solution for those who want to do the complete workout even if you are traveling and no gym around. Pack these lightweight bands in your travel bag and do workout anywhere you want. Any workout programs like Cross-fit, Beach Body, Yoga, Pilates, general exercise, stretching, Body Shaping, weight loss and power weight programs can be performed with these resistance band easily. Great gift you can give to any sports lover on Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s day women’s day.

4. Blender Bottle:

Most of the time we forget to carry these stuff while going to physical activities. You can shake your protein powder, milk or any energy drink which we required after heavy work out. Blender ball wire whisk mix or break protein powder clump easily and make thickest energy and nutrition shake. This stylish bottle is really durable and doesn’t leak shake. Get it from amazon here

5. Jump Rope:

Jumping is the best outdoor activity which gives you high-quality look and feels. From our childhood, we are playing this game of jumping. Athlete and fitness people start their heavy physical activities with jumping. Great item for speed skipping, double unders, triples. Jump rope is helpful in weight loss, Cardiovascular & lymphatic health, Muscle tone, Full body workout. Great for travel or when you lack access to a gym. Burn lots of calories in little time. Check reviews & details here

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