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Amazon is filled with lots of cool and interesting items that most people are not aware. You have no idea how useful these products can be for you.

That’s why today we come up with a list of 10 cool and useful products that can make your work more enjoyable.

Have a look at these products and turn your hectic task into an easy one.

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List of 10 cool products on Amazon

  1. Keyboard Cleaner Gel

If you are trying to remove dust, dirt, and lint from your keyboard/phone/oven/car vents/ speakers/remote control, then try this super cleaning gel. It’s really very useful and easy to handle gel that can remove sticky dust and dirt magically from your gadgets. Its safe (nontoxic) and pleasant that can reach easily to the area where normally you can’t reach to clean.

  1. Desktop Coffee Mug Warmer

If your job is to sit in front of the desktop then sure this gadget going to be your favorite. While working most people forget to take sip of their hot coffee and at last coffee become cold and tasteless. This coffee mug warmer will keep your coffee hot as long you want. You just need to switch it on and can use it anywhere (outdoor/picnic). This is really helpful gadget for me especially when I go to trip and don’t have much kitchen accessories around me.

  1. Stress Relieving Tool

You also feel stressed and tired after office? Yes of course! Sitting on chairs for long hours can make anyone tired. Generally, before using this, I was keeping my foot in warm water to relieve stress but after taking this acupressure mat, I felt full body massage that relaxes my whole body muscles. Although you may feel hurting initially at its point are very sharp but interesting thing starts with these sharp points only. When you lie down on mat these pins start punching in your body and raised blood circulation to induces relaxation in your body.

  1. Best Emptiness (PooP) Joy

Empty your stomach in the morning is the best feeling. Pooping can be easier and faster for you too as most people are rating this tool very high. Frankly speaking, I didn’t use it but listening really good words for squatty potty. Sitting on legs is the best position to go for complete emptiness. Keeping this thing in mind designer made this unique design that put extreme pressure on your stomach and helps you to come out fast from the toilet. You just need to keep your legs on this stool in sitting position and wait for clean your bowl.

  1. Bogeyman Egg Separator

Woo! What is the first thing that comes to your mind after seeing this? I know its dirty 😉 and you may be thinking that you are not gonna use this but it’s really cool and funny items that can’t control laughing.

Yes! It can be crazy gift items that you can give to your mom, wife, or any of your friend who loves cooking. They will be surprised to see that how kitchen gadgets are changing into funny things. Bogeyman egg separator separate yolks from egg white and make your cooking easy and enjoyable.

  1. Flexible Tripod Stand For iPhones And Androids

Well! There are lots of stands for iPhone/ Android in the market, but the reason behind chosen this iPhone/Android stand is its flexibility and stability. Because of this people are liking this cool gadget most. Its rubber feet can hold any surface tightly (sand, and rock) and even its legs can wrap tightly around any objects. The LOHA Mount will fit every smartphone and every case to give you perfect click.

  1. Magic Mug To Turn Your Hot Coffee Into Cold In One Minute

If you are a coffee lover and don’t know about this product then you are really missing something very interesting. This cool gadget can turn your hot coffee into cold within a minute. You just need to add hot/normal liquid (soft drinks, coffee, whiskey, wine, and iced tea) into it and drink anything cold. HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker is safe and easy to handle device that you can add to your kitchen stuff and let your guest ask you about this cool mug.

  1. Endlessly Reusable Pen And Paper Notebook

You too love writing and sketching with pen on paper like me? Then you will love this product. Best for professional and students as they no need to save millions of notes on papers, just a click and your whole notes will be saved instantly with Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, or in the app you want to save. Next day again you can start with a brand new Everlast Notebook by erasing your notes with a moist towel.

  1. This Crazy Alarm Clock Will Jump To Wake You In The Morning

Really its very crazy alarm clock and can be the best gift for people who can’t wake up in the morning. It can also be set to “run away mode” when alarm sounds start and then you can’t even put it in snooze mode instantly. It will dance in your room by sounding and now, you don’t have any choice rather than waking up and turning it off. So, what you think now? Be ready to gift it to your lazy brother, sister, children, and friends! And now they won’t be late 😉

  1. Super Moldable Glue That Can Fix Anything

So long I was waiting for this kind of products. Most of the time it happens to me when most precious household and electronic item get damaged/broken by me. And at the end what I to do is only replacement/repair/throw. But from past one month I am fixing them instead of throwing. It’s really great items on Amazon with more than 2000 reviews. This moldable glue has lots of fans as it can fix anything like your fraying charger chords, broken ceramic and many more. Even one reviewer writes that “This is nifty stuff and definitely does what it promises.” It’s waterproof and UV-resistant that can fix even glasses, wood, ceramic, metal or even plastics.

Amazon is filled with lots of funny and cool items, we are working to introduce you some amazing stuff that normally we cant reach and are highly useful in our daily life.

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