For coffee/tea lovers, the taste of coffee increase with a creative and cool style of coffee mug. We all need funky mugs to enjoy our beverage. Different aged group people have a different choice of coffee mugs. Here we are enlisting some cool and creative coffee mugs for home, office, traveling and can use as a gift for Christmas, new year, parties, wedding and it can be used any celebration. These funny, cool and attractive looking mugs will make you fall in love with coffee/tea.

16 best coffee mugs for daily use and gift items:

1. Heart Shape Mug Pair:

best coffee mugs for gifts

This beautiful heart’s shape coffee mugs you can gift to your friends, family or especially your partner to show affection and feeling towards them on special occasions. This cool and creative coffee mugs you can use daily for drinking purpose as well as for decoration also. This heart shape giving it attractive look for this valentine day. This amazing gift can bring a smile to anyone face by keeping them closer.

2. Floating Coffee Mug:

best coffee mugs for gifts

This unique and elegant coffee mug is the best choice in your office. It’s well-executed floating design makes it useful and comfortable to hold. I think this is perfect gift you can give anyone who loves coffee and tea.

3. The MarlJohns Cat Coffee Mug:

best coffee mugs for gifts

This beautiful catty coffee mug is special for cat and coffee lovers. This product contains a black and white mug which is made up of a high quality of ceramic. Perfect and cute gift for children and coffee lovers or anyone who wants something different than normal round coffee mugs.

4. Ninja Cover Coffee Mug:

best coffee mugs for gifts

Fun begin with this Ninja coffee mug because this mug is more popular among children who have an interest in games and cartoons. Best thing of this Mug is that it contain requisite accessories like a throwing star coaster and katana spoon along with the ninja mask coffee cozies. Place the mug onto the ninja star coaster and stir in your sugar using the ninja sword spoon for full effect. Enjoy your coffee!

5. Swooping handle coffee mug:

Guys look at this stylish coffee mug! Don’t you think its made for you? Believe me, I ordered this mug while I was writing this post. Best thing in this artistic look mug is its swooping handle which will adjust your finger comfortably on the handle. Don’t forget to see what others are saying about this.

6. MEOW Cat Coffee Mug:

best coffee mugs for gifts

This Meow cat coffee mug is a cool and awesome gift you can give on the birthday celebration, Christmas, valentine’s day, Mother’s Day (of course you can gift it yourself too!). The Cat Beard Mug isn’t just a present idea for cat owners! This humorous novelty mug is popular among women, men, and children! It doesn’t matter what age they are in – adults, teenagers, boys, and girls love this creative cup! Grab a set of Cat Beard Mugs to give as presents! It’s the best gift for couples: parents, grandparents, aunt, and uncle, husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend! This pretty handcrafted mug will remind them of you every time they reach for it in the morning!

7. Peacock Design Coffee Mug:

Beautiful design of peacock on this coffee mug make it very creative as a gift item especially on mother’s day and valentine day. This best item you can keep for home decoration also as it worthy for you. You can check what others are saying about this beautiful coffee mug.

8. Double Wall Insulated Tea and Coffee Mug:

Without handle, the transparent coffee mug will never burn your finger as it is double walled insulated heat resistant design which will prevent heat transfer. This multi-use glasses with no handles, perfect for all occasions to serve the perfect cup of tea, coffee or other drinks. So it’s time to replace your old porcelain, ceramic mugs with this stylish, cool and lightweight mugs. Don’t forget to check others review about this coffee mugs.

9. Multicolor Plastic Unbreakable Drink Cups:

These eco-friendly mugs are easy to handle and super comfortable. Set of 4 reusable plastic cups made of high quality and super strong plastic which will never break or crack. Perfect grip for children of all ages, cups are stackable to conserve space. These plastic mugs are ideal for both commercial as well as home use. Great for water, juice, soda, punch, parties and more.

10. Ultra Clear Tea and Coffee Mug:

Best rating unique and pleasing coffee mug give royal feeling while having tea/coffee. Best gift item for both office as well as home and kitchen. Beautifully crafted handmade coffee mug will increase the taste of coffee by its fantastic look.

11. Changing Coffee Mug:

best coffee mugs for gifts

Every morning waking up with this cool and magic mug will make you feel awesome. This coffee mug having two appearances, one is sleeping and other is wake up face. When it is cold, the mug will show sleeping face and if the mug is hot, it will show wake up face. Great gift for anyone to please them.

12. Best Boss Ever Glass Coffee Mug:

Nothing will be best, except this! the best gift for your boss (if you know how to impress 😉 ). Hottest gift for a world’s greatest boss. You can also gift theses mugs for other occasions like birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and more. Show your Boss or Manager that you appreciate them!

13. Reusable Coffee Cup:

This smart looking coffee mug is lightweight and thermal shock resistant. Best can be used for the trip, traveling or you can gift this elegant coffee mug to your friends, family.

14. Star Wars Heat Changing Coffee Mug:

Best cool gift item for a fan of “star wars” in your family and relatives. Lightsabers appear only when hot liquid is added. So get ready to accept this thing that the force is with you, always!

“I bought this as a gift for my brother … and now I really think I need one for myself! It’s SO much fun”.

15. Ceramic Cookies Mug with Biscuit holder:

best coffee mugs for gifts

Only by seeing this coffee mug you can find out the purpose of this style. People who don’t want to wash more dishes, this is a perfect coffee mug for them. Sitting down with a nice cup of tea and a few biscuits is one of the life’s greatest pleasures. Cute and great gift you can give to your family and friends.

16. Owl Ceramic Coffee Mug:

best coffee mugs for gifts

Very cute and well-decorated coffee mug will be best suited for themed party at home. It will give attractive look to your home. Your table decor will come to life with this playful owl mug! Wonderful collectible for owl lovers.

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