Gifts ideas for her. Valentine gift ideas for her under $50. Best and latest gifts for girlfriend and wife.

Valentine day is very near, and if you are feeling pressed to impress your girlfriend or wife, then don’t worry! You are at right place,

Gifting flowers, chocolates, teddy bear and love cards are evergreen and old tradition valentine gifts to express your love.

But now its time to select some unique and useful gift for her that can bring a big smile on her face and help her to look more beautiful every day that can make you fall in love with her again.

Here, I have selected out a list of 50 unique gifts for her under $50 that every woman will love to keep and in return, will give you a big hug for taking care of her so deeply.

So, Just impress them with your amazing gift selecting skills.

Find the variance of the gift that suits her personality under $50.

Gifts Ideas For Her Under $50

#1. What I Love About You Journal

Write down the things you love about her in this love journal. She will love reading your feelings whenever you will not around and for sure that’s will increase her love for you every day.

#2. Little Box of Love

If your girl is beauty conscious, then this charming and seductive set with bubble bath, shower cream, and sugar scrub glossy lip balm will give her a total beauty bath every day to keep her glowing and lightly fragranced.

#3. Infinity Love Symbol Bracelet

To show your endless love to her, gift this beautiful silver love symbol bracelet. It’s true that girl loves to take such gift from her lover that express the warmth of his deep love.

#4. 6 Ways “Why I Love You” Beer Pack

This can be best valentine gift for her if she is a beer lover. Inside this pack, there is a note in which you can express your feelings for her. This is perfect gift ideas for her under $20.

#5.For Your “Girlboss”

This is bestselling in New York Times, that has storytelling of “Sophia Amorous”, founder and executive chairman of Nasty Gal. She shared, how she went from dumpster diving to founding one of the fastest growing retailers in the world.

Gift it to a girl, who want to achieve something big in her life but sometimes feel stuck in her work challenges. It will guide her to walk on her professional journey with great tips.

#6. Valentine Spa Gift Basket

Gift this luxurious home spa to make her feel relax and refresh. This beautiful bath set provides her complete package of beauty spa that will add a magical touch to her skin. So, help her to start a fresh and charming day with this spa basket.

#7. “Me Without You” Scenarios

Finding the different and funny way to express your feeling to her? Gift this New York Time’s best selling book with the countless cute illustration of scenario that is incomplete without two. Unique charming gift ideas for valentine and anniversary.

#8. Jewelry & Cosmetics Storage Display Box

This is really lovely cosmetics box for her jewelry and makeup items. It will keep her all jewelry in one place so next time she won’t need to search them again. And that might be the reason you always wait for her. 😉

#9. Lovely Everyday Women Jacket

Gift this warm jackets to keep her warm all winter long. All the colors are very stunning and elegant for her casual wear. It will look perfectly awesome on any women.

#10. MacBook 12.9 Inch iPad Case

One of the highest selling MacBook cover on Amazon that people are appreciating most. If you are looking something techno type to gift her then this leather case for her MacBook is perfect.

Its beautiful soft flannel gives a soft touch to iPad. And the most important thing, it has 2 compartments, one for MacBook and second you can use for magazines, cell phones, earphones, and wallet. Means All-in-one-bag.

#11. Led Lights Touch Screen Foldable Make Up Mirror

On traveling, she might be facing difficulty to put her make up. Gift this amazing 21 led lights screen touch mirror, so she can get ready anywhere. This portable mirror will help to see her face from every angle. This can be the best gift for your traveler girlfriend and wife.

#12. Cute Couple Photo Frame

A lovely and romantic photo frame that will express your bonding and attachment to each other.

#13. Romantic Kissing Mug

If you are looking for a very romantic gift for her, then I don’t think that anything can be much better than these cute coffee kissing mug’s pair.

When you fit them together, they form a flawless kiss. This is really a charming way to enjoy “ tea for two” or anything you love to have (hot or cold) together.

#14. Expandable Carry-On Luggage

To make her future travel stress free, gift this expendable luggage bag that is very lightweight and rotates at 360 degrees to make easy carry.

#15.Yoga Bag

Maybe she is yoga and fitness lover and committed to achieving her fitness goals. This workout duffle bag will give her more motivation to stay on track this year. It shows that you are her biggest supporter.

#16. Eternal Love Pendant

This Neemoda’s love pendant is ideal gifts for her on valentine, birthday, engagement, or other special occasions. So, express your love the way she loves.

#17. Leather Journal Notebook

If she loves to write, then it’s really awesome gift for her. This leather journal notebook with the sexy pen will let her write anywhere she wants. Ideals gift for writers, traveler, and journalist.

#18. Golden Rose Makeup Brush Set

Of course, girls love makeup stuff, no matter how many products she has. Gift these high quality soft and silk touch brushes to remind her that you take care her small needs too. Her prettiness should not be fall with age but instead, increase.

#19. Kleancolor Nail Polish Set

Every girl loves to put colors on her nails. Gift these 12 awesome sets of nail paints to your wife and girlfriend who is crazy for nail paints and take care of them more than you. 😉

#20. Multi-Device Charging Station

Is she techno queen? This multi-charging station will give her a tidy desk to recharge many devices at the same time. Best gifts for hurry people to save her time and money both. And most important she doesn’t need to find them in every plug as it provides an exact platform for better finding.

#21. Luxurious Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

If she feels tired mostly because of work and traveling, then this luxurious massager will relax her muscles and bones. Or maybe you can use when she is not around. 😉

#22. Anne Klein Women’s Leather Strap Watch


If she is crazy for the leather stuff then sure she will love it. It looks so fantastic and graceful for daily wear in office and casuals.

#23. Kate Spade’s Rise and Shine Stud Earrings

Let her know how precious and dear she is, to your heart on gifting these stud earrings that are really beautiful and pearly like her.

#24. Lipstick Size High-Speed Charging Power Bank

If mostly time you listen that her phone’s battery was low or dead and because of that you guys were not able to contact. Then gift this easily portable high spend charging to get connected with her every moment.

#25. Fruits Infused Water Bottles

If she is health conscious and loves to drink her water target in different colors, then this infused water drink will give her a healthy deal. This fruits infused water will help her look fabulous and youth.

#26. 13-in-1 Nail Care Kit Set

Now let her do her nail spa at home to keep her nails healthy and shiny. For nails art lovers, this kit is the perfect gift for her, you may be looking for. Its desire of every girl to have perfect, flawless nails for every occasion. So, let her desire and need full filled on this valentine.

#27. King Beer-Queen Wine Glass

Now celebrate your every occasion with these special wine and beer glasses. For dinner date, a casual drink, anniversary and for other celebration, this is a perfect cool gift for her and him. Best couple gift ideas under $50.

#28. iPhone 7plus/8plus Women Case Wallet – All In One

Now she doesn’t need to carry her phone and money in a different case as this all-in-one wallet will carry every necessary item. It’s really very lovely wallet that can charm any girl.

#29. Beautiful Pearls Necklace

If she is a woman with classic taste in jewelry, then this pearls necklace will be a very elegant gift for her. It will look simply awesome on any dresses she chooses to wear.

#30. Handmade Wooden Eyeglass Spectacle Holder

If your girl has habits to forget her eyeglasses and find them everywhere. Then this is the perfect gift for her. You can also use it as decorative wooden items for office desk and home.

#31. Travel Jewelry Box Organizer

If she is jewelry loving women and takes care of them more than you, then you must scratch her attention by gifting this jewelry organizing bag to keep her jewelry safe on travel.

#32. Armitron Women’s Watch and Bracelet


One of the fabulous color wristwatch with embedded crystals and a beautiful bracelet for parties, wedding and anniversary celebrations. This will enhance her look in every occasion and will be one of the beautiful gifts for her under $50.

#33. Waterproof Toiletry Bag

Best organizer for your traveler girl who gets messed up with her heavy luggage. It provides a perfect way to organize things so she doesn’t need to find them everywhere in bags. For sure, she will like this bag most, if she travels frequently.

#34. Milk Chocolate Truffles

Chocolates are the best way to turn “ON” anyone mood, especially your lover. Girls love them most. So celebrate your day with this milky sweet chocolates.

#35.COOL WATER Women Mini Perfume

Getting best gift in your budget is the smartest way to invest your hard earn money to express your love. Its long lasting fragrance will make her day bloom.

#36. Rose Lover Bangle Bracelet

This rose dating bracelet will look beautiful and gorgeous in her hands.

#37. Long Cotton Bathrobe

One of the warm familiar products that she will not notice until got finally one as a gift from you. This will give her 5-star hotel bathing experience with soft touch.

#38. 9 Pure Essential Oil Set

These 9 essentials oil from herbs will enhance her beauty by giving relaxing massage and nourish her mind, body, and soul. So let her wipe her stress away, feel relaxed and youthful every day with these essentials oils.

#39. 12 Pcs Matte liquid lipstick Set

Girls are crazy about makeup items especially lipsticks. Gifting her favorites stuff will be like out of the world feeling for her. These 12 pcs shades make her makeup pop all day and night.

#40. AMIR 3-in-1 Professional HD Cell Phones Lens

Is she always look for a perfect selfie, but doesn’t get satisfied with one click. Then gift this 3 in 1 clip on phone lens in which she will experience shooting DSLR quality photos.

#41. Lightweight Fashion Scarf Wrap

If she is stylish and experiments a lot in her dressing sense, then for sure, this scarf will help her to look outstanding even in simple dresses.

#42. HSI Professional’s Flat Iron Including Gloves, Pouch and More

Great hair styler for the girls who want to look beautifully different every day. It will enhance her personality for every occasion and people loves to appreciate your choice. Best gift for a girl having uncontrolled messy hair.

#43. Aldo Aradoven Casual Back Bags

If your girlfriend is in college, then sure she will love this bag as it has huge space inside to keep her essentials items for the whole day until she reaches home.

#44. Colorful Pearly Earrings Set

Elegant and graceful set of earrings will put wattage to her jewelry collections. For casual wear, these are the perfect set to look decent and elegant every day.

#45. Smokey Eye Makeup Kit

Beautiful eyes capture everyone attention. Let her eyes look more intense and lovely when she looks at you and makes you fall in love with her again. One of the best appreciating gift ideas for girlfriend.

#46. Bag, Purse and Grocery Hanger in Car

These car hangers will relax her about rolling, spilling of her shopping bags during driving. As this back seat hanger holder can carry her purse, groceries bags, and cloths safely on the back seat without disturbing her.

#47. Aldo Rovitolo Camera Bag

If she is in photography, and frequently attend 5-star parties and celebration, then for sure her camera bag should match her stylish dress every time.

#48. Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

This advanced cleansing technology can relief any women from fear to clean off her makeup. It penetrates deep to remove all dirt and debris that makeup cleansers can’t leave them out from facial skin. Its butter-soft touch enhances blood flow and makes her look younger and brightening every day.

#49. Aldo Duroante Crossbody Handbags

Very beautiful and vibrant color that girls love most in bags, lipsticks, and cloths.

#50. “I Love You” Till The Moon And Back- Moonlight Lamp

This is a perfect gift for her to express your love till moon and back. This moonlight is soft white and yellow, like a real moon and give you relaxing romantic nights or date.

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Hope this latest gift guide will help you to find the best gift for her.

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Take Care!! Happy Valentine!

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