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Preparing to decor your home for Christmas? See some simple and luxurious looking bedroom decor ideas to make everyone fall in love with your home.

String lights are awesome accessories to transform your home into a dream home. With them, you can create numbers of artistic design based on your temperament and style.

When it comes to decor bedroom, maybe you feel uncomfortable to pay much time because you want to make it cozy, messy and relax. But what if it becomes beautiful and attractive too. It represents your true temperament and shows that you care for your personal space.

So, explore the beauty and comfort together with these bedroom decor ideas to make your home look magical. Here we are presenting 14 ways to transform your bedroom into heaven on this Christmas. Lets your guest look at your home and say WoW!

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14 fairy lights bedroom decor ideas

1. Place fairy string lights over your cozy bedroom

OMG! This is really a fantastic and romantic bedroom decoration trick that you can use to impress your partner. This perfect loving gesture can make you fall in love madly with your bedroom and partner both 😉

So, if you are planning to gift something to your partner on this Christmas. Then drop everything.

And try this, I am sure after seeing this, they are not going to notice other praising items. Decor your bedroom with this beautiful and lightening gestures!

Decor your bedroom with starry string lights and make it more beautiful like royal sweet.


2. Decent star bedroom decoration

Kids love stars lights and decoration. So if you are planning to decorate your kid’s rooms than fix these stars string lights over their bedroom wall to cheer them up on this Christmas.

Decent start bedroom decoration that anyone can do to make their bedroom lightly decorated. Bedroom decoration ideas.


3. Zen bedroom back curtain lights decor

If you don’t know how to put your string of lights to make a wonderful design along with fairy curtains. Then arrange them in zig-zag and cross tugging form to decorate your bedroom’s wall.

Back curtain bedroom string lights. bedroom decor ideas by curtain. fairy decoration ideas. Christmas lightening decoration ideas.


4. Romantic shabby chic stylish bedroom lights and decoration

So how you are going impress your partner on this Christmas? Trying to gift something? Think Again! Try something new.

This is again 2nd perfect romantic gesture that you can give to your partner as a surprise gift by decorating your bedroom with this floral lights and curtains that will bring cheerfulness and love all around you.

Make your bedroom honeymoon ready. Christmas lightening bedroom decoration ideas. super sexy decoration on Christmas.


5. Black & White bedroom decoration ideas

If you are living in a rental apartment and don’t want to spend more on lightening and decoration. Then you can try this simple and decent decoration on this Christmas.

Just wrap a string of lights round on a bit of driftwood and make an accent piece that you can tug above your bed. A single string of lights can change the look of your cozy bedroom and make it more beautiful.

Decor your decent black and white bedroom with single string light over it to look your bedroom fabulous.


6. Teenagers bedroom decor lights ideas

To decorate teenagers bedrooms, maybe you are planning lots of things to decor like lights, paper art, wall arts and so many others things that your kids love.

Along with them, you can try this bedroom decor idea for a sober and decent look. You can change design and sets of lights and choose colorful decoration.


Decor bedroom of your girl child to make it look beautiful and simple. little girl bedroom decor ideas.


7.  Fairy lights to decor bedroom

This is the great new variation of fairy string lights that you don’t want to hang along with curtains.

If you have a designer bed, then you can hang your string of lights over front head and cover them with fairy curtains from back to give a great look to your bedroom.

Fairy lights to decor bedroom on Christmas. fairy lights with back curtain lights decoration ideas on Christmas. Bedroom decoration ideas for beautiful back wall.


8. Wall string photos decoration lights

This is really a great way to show love and gesture towards your loved one. You just need to collect photographs of your family and friends and tag them on the string of lights on the side wall of your bedroom.

This can be a perfect decor idea for teenagers rooms on Christmas, birthday and other occasions to show affection and love.


Photo string lights on Christmas. Bedroom lights decoration ideas. pin your favorite pics on the side wall of your bedroom to make them more memorable and beautiful decoration on Christmas.


9.  Sleep under the stars lights

This bedroom decoration idea is inspired by dark stars nights that makes us feel good and happy while sleeping under the stars. You know that kids are crazy for the moon and starlights and surely these lights going to bring more happiness and cheerfulness on their face. So give a great surprise to your loved one by decorating their bedroom with this fairy cloudy twinkle lights. Check out curtain string lights here


fairy light home ideas on Christmas. Bedroom decoration ideas. Decor your home with fairy lights.


10.  Fairy tail bedroom decoration

If you are lazy and don’t want to go for more stuff for decoration on Christmas. Then you can use your fairy curtains and lights on two sides of your bed by tugging them on the hanger to give a graceful look to your bedroom.

Fairy lights home decoration ideas on Christmas. bedroom decoration ideas.


11. Artistic bedroom decoration

For an art lover, this designing decoration is perfect. To show your wall arts, you can put a single string of lights in half circle and leaves them at ends to look admirable.

Decorating with Christmas lights in bedroom Ideas. Christmas room decoration. idea with fairy lights.


12. Enjoy fairy lightening all around your bed

It’s really a very romantic gesture that you can use to decore on very special occasion to impress your partner. The slim lightening curtain all around the bed enhance mood and bring love for each other. So don’t waste much time and try this bedroom decore trick to surprise your partner and loved ones.

Decorate your room with thin curtain with lights all around the bed to making it to look more beautiful and cozy.


13. Curtain cap bright fairy light

This bedroom decor idea is awesome and attractive at first sight as this fairy curtain lights going to gives a brand new transformation to your bedroom.

You just need to cover these fairy lights and curtain around your bed and see how it changes your mood magically.

Round cozy bedroom lights decoration ideas for Christmas. Christmas ideas for bedroom.


14. String mild headboard lightening for classic bedroom look

If you are choosy and classic in everything, then why to compromise for Christmas decoration.

You have to just fix a string of lights inside the semi-transparent boards over the bedroom wall. So, try this string mild headboard, to turn your bedroom appearance Wow at first sight. Sure your guests are going to ask this decor trick?

Cozy bed back lightening decoration ideas for Christmas. Christmas home and room decoration ideas.

If you have more decor ideas then you can share with us via comments and tell us how did you decorate your bedroom on this Christmas. We would love to hear from you. Share it with your loved one if you like the ideas and pin it to check it again on our website.

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