5 Ayurvedic Ways to Live a Positively Healthy Life

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Being from Ayurveda background, I integrate the intense power of Ayurveda on mind, body, and senses in my early age only.

Or you can say, I was blessed with such people who taught me this Gyan to makes my life happy, healthier, and prosperous.

Every morning to evening we do hundreds of tasks that make our mental, emotional and physical health.

From waking up early morning to going to bed at night, our everyday routine lifestyle building our habits and transforming our life.

Weather its stressful or happy…

The quotes, “We are creators of our life” is as true as this universe.

So why not to take a chance to live a positively healthy life.

There is a say, it just takes 21 days for a new practice to become a habit.

So, let’s take this 21 days Ayurveda lifestyle challenge.

For 21 days you can follow these Ayurveda practices…

1. Develop A Deep Breathing Practice

I won’t say wake up early morning and go for a walk…although we all know it’s good for health.

But if you are not early risers then also you can make this deep breathing practice your everyday routine.

According to the American Institute of Stress (AIS), abdominal breathing for 20-30 minutes each day reduce anxiety and stress. It increases the supply of oxygen to your brain cells and stimulates nervous system that promotes calmness.

Breathing techniques help your body to connect your mind, therefore, bring awareness and calmness.

Some AIS certified breathing tools you can try initially-

2. Meditation

Meditation is the most powerful Ayurveda tools that connect your mind, body, and soul at the same time. This is one of my favorite rituals to eliminate stress, anxiety and emotional blocks every morning.

You can’t imagine how healing this process can be for your life until you give yourself a chance.

So, disconnect yourself from the outer world and take out your “Me-Time”. Sit down, close your eyes and observe your breathing for at least 15-20 minutes.

Initially, it may be challenging for you to sit up quietly but make it a regular practice. Try to wake up half an hour before and soon you will feel the magic transformation in your thoughts process.

This daily 20-minute sadhana will help conquer stress and increase positive energy and sense of well-being.

3. Aromatherapy

Continuing these above practices will make your sense more aware of everything that you hardly noticed before.

Along with meditation and breathing techniques, include Aromatherapy or essential oil massage to your daily life.

As we all know that daily oil massage improves blood circulations, nourishes skin and awakens body’s inner pharmacy.

It helps to calm down nerves and makes the stress-related symptoms disappear effortlessly.

Make sure to choose pleasant smell oil as our sense relates it directly to memories and emotions to your brain, therefore improves our health, concentration, calmness, and inspiration.

4. Doshas – Flavor Your Sense

Ayurveda teaches that everybody has different mind-body constitutions that tell their behavior, physical appearance, and character.

According to Ayurveda, human body adapts habits as per to their doshas types (Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha). Determines your doshas here.

Different doshas give you different flavor, taste, habits of liking and disliking anything.

This is like finding your body type and feeding it accordingly. After knowing this, I started listening to my body on daily basis and feeding my doshas best flavor.

Initially, it was difficult to match flavor with body type. But once I understood the flavor influences on mind and body, eating and cooking become fun for me. ( Above doshas link will guide you what to eat according to your body type).

5. Sleep

After trying these 4 Ayurveda practices, you’ll feel great changes in your mental and emotional energy. Soon you’ll realize that your insomnia, stress, and nerves pain are disappearing effortlessly.

Once I quite violent TV shows, started going to sleep at 10 pm after light dinner, using aromatherapy, I was able to sleep better.

This way I wake up fresh, fully rested with great energy every morning.

Emotions Awareness

Due to meditation, every day I am becoming more aware of my emotions. This helped me to observe my reactions to stress and anxiety.

Things are still the same, but my reactions to seek them changed. Now, hardly I response to negative emotions.

I learned to recognize my negative emotions and pain, and started asking “why I am feeling anxious”? What’s my need that is not fulfilled yet?

Remember, stress anxiety and negative emotions arise due to unmet needs.

So, notice where these emotions come from and ask for self-help.

Started Living Ayurveda

Ayurveda is just not doing yoga or being natural, but a path to self-discovery, mindfulness living and being more aware of life.

All these things come with your spiritual growth.

Your spiritual journey does not end yet, try to find more ways that raise your energy and vibrations higher.

You always don’t need to follow a particular order but find what works best for you to heal and then integrate them one by one to your life.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Comment below if you knows more Ayurveda ways that makes life easier and positively happy. We will be happy to hear.

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