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Tired to sit for long hours on the desk? Altwork Station: The computer desk which allows users to sit, stand and even lying down to get work done

Most of us sit for long hours at the desk to get office work done, for entertainment, social networking, gaming or it may be anything on the system. Studies suggest that sitting for prolonged periods will lead us to early death, even if you are doing exercise. This problem switches us to use the standing desk to avoid such health problems.

But what if I told you about a desk which will offer you all the comfort and let you sit, stand and even lie down like dentist chair.

Yes, Altwork presenting the most unique and configurable workstation specially made for IT professionals and other system user employees to increase productivity, while boosting their health.

Totally adjustable chair-and-desk combo made in Sonoma County, California. This idea is inspired by a startup founder, John Spiecher who was injured in a car accident and unable to work on the desk. Then he thinks what if your desk could be configured to your body’s needs, instead of adjusting your body to fit the desk and Altwork born which took 5 years to create this workstation.

Chair-desk workstation meet your body needs:

If you are tired of sitting straight on desk, then your problem is solved with this Altwork station. You can move your padded chair slightly back and your desk can get adjusted right on your face. But if you want to lie down fully 180-degree on this padded chair then your monitor will swing up above you with attached keypad and mouse which is magnetized stick on the table. This fantastic electronic system you can adjust simply by pushing a button and that desk move with you.

“Different tasks are best done in different positions,” Altwork cofounder Che Voigt explained during a demo in Austin.

Altwork took five years of engineering to get this workstation ready for production. Made for high-intensity computers users to sit, stand and lying down on padded seats to get work done.

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