6 Reasons You Must Prefer Fruit Infused Water Over Fruit Juice

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From our childhood, it’s been told that drinking fruits juice is a good thing.

But unfortunately, there is a big misconception.

It doesn’t mean that fruits juice is not healthy for your body. Of course, it is.

But if we compare fruits infused water and fruit juice, then probably infused water is the winning one.

It has been proved that fruits juice, especially store bought is not good for us. It’s loaded with lots of sugar and once entered to the body, get easily metabolized into fat.

And this is the case with both – fresh fruit juice, as well as packaged storebought fruits juice.

It’s healthy to eat fresh fruits, but when it comes to drinking fruit juice, you might be loading your body with lots of fructose sugar. It raises your insulin level, slows down your metabolism and even contributes to weight gain.

This is the reasons why many people infusing their water with fruits instead of juicing.

No doubt, it’s loaded with lots of nutritional punch and have various health benefits.

Nowadays, this drink is getting lots of attention for weight loss, cleansing body, beautiful skin tone and for various health benefits.

So, let’s find out how this vitamin water is better than fruits juice?

Fruit Infused Water Vs. Fruit Juice

1. It Doesn’t Contain Sugar

Fruit juice contains lots of sugars that easily metabolized into fat.

As I explained above, with every glass of juice, you eat approx. a spoonful of fructose sugars. it increases your insulin level, slows down your metabolism and leads to weight gain. Even natural sugars.

On the other hand, from infused water, you will get just the flavor of fruits without sugar.

2. Its Less in Calories

No doubt, fruit juice is certainly nutritious and packed with lots of calories.

On the other hand, Fruit infused water is lower in calories or you can say almost zero calories drink loaded with multiple vitamins and minerals.

If we talk about fruits juice, a standard glass of freshly squeezed orange juice contain 240 calories (4 oranges) while fruits infused water containing 3 oranges slices contribute to 31 calories only.

3. Flavor is Astonishing

If we talk about flavor, you might be thinking that the taste of fruits juice and infused water will be the same.

But that’s not the case.

The fruits infused water flavor is amazingly tangy, bright and fruity even after 15 minutes of infusion. On the other hand, fruits juice flavor is sweet and plain watered down.

The infused water derived flavor from fruits rind too and dissolve its healthy nutrients in water which we can’t get in fruits juice.

4. Hydration Is Much Easier

For healthy living, hydration is essentials for both physically and mentally.

Both drinks help to hydrate our body but hydration with fruits infused water is much easier than fruits juice.

With fruit juice, your body gets hydrate at once, whereas with fruits infused water, you can get hydration all day long, especially if you prepare a larger pitcher.

This way fruit infused water provides an easy and delicious way to hydrate your body throughout the day.

5. It Simply Looks Lighter and Better

Fruit infused water looks better and lighter than fruits juice.

As we know that we don’t consume food with our sense of taste, but also with our eyes as well.

So, when we see it healthier and better, we try to consume it more. This helps us to consume more water.

6. It Requires Less Fruit

For juice, we use to peel off numbers of fruits. In order to take out 1 glass of orange juice, we use 4-5 whole oranges. Right?

On the other hand, for a glass of fruit infused water, you just need to cut down only one orange in 3-4 round slices.

And most importantly, anyone can make it. Its preparation is so easy that it won’t make you feel lazy to prepare this water recipes for yourself.

On the other hand, prepping a juicer is hard work, and it takes lots of cleansing stuff which lead most people to drop the ideas of juicing.

But as you can see, infused water is incredibly simple, and no virtual cleansing involved.

Just simply load your bottle or glass with freshly cut fruits and you’re finished.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Don’t forget to share your experience after trying this flavored delicious infused water.

We’ll be happy to hear from you guys.

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