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Baby shower best gift ideas. Get some useful and learning toys for babies which they will love:

When we listen to this good news from our friend, we filled with joy and start thinking about newcomer baby. How we will take care of him (or her)? We start preparing so many things before his/her arrival. Our family and friends start thinking about useful baby shower gift to present.

But finding a useful gift item for a baby shower is a pretty difficult task. Isn’t it? We plan so many things, what to take for the baby shower? There are so many things we can gift to the baby. Clothing, shoes, personal use items, and much more, but these are the basic requirement of babies. So what’s different?

We should gift something cool and useful items to the baby which they will love to have it and can play with them. And you know what! Toys are the best thing which we can gift to babies. Here, we are presenting the list of some cool and best gifts items for the baby shower.

Gifts for baby shower:

1. Manhattan sensory teether activity toy:

An award winning and “must have” toy for parents and infants. If you are planning to gift such teether toy then I am sure this will fit your requirement. The slim flexible band makes this toy much easier for early grasping. Fun, engaging and helpful for developing two-handed play. Probably most appropriate as a toy for babies 3-5 months and as a teether for older children. Lightweight design, a maze of the soft continuous tube and its stunning colors instantly capture and hold baby’s attention and makes it easy and safe for little hands to grasp.

Shower function, birthday gift of babies or simply to make them happy, you can gift such teether toys. It can be refrigerated for teething. Its design and development features have made it a baby favorite toy.

2. Baby Einstein’s tunes musical toy:

This little radio is very cute with 7 baby friendly and enjoyable classical song from Mozart, Chopin, Vivaldi, and Rossini for both baby and adults. Colorful Caterpillar good size handle, safe for little hands to grasp yet works as a chew option for teething. It’s not great for teething, but it contributes to the versatility of the toy. Colorful lights which will dance across the screen to promote each entertaining melody and promote visual perception.

This toy promotes auditory development and music appreciation among babies and children. Best musical fun activity for babies and will help to increase their listening power.

3. Best bumpy Ball:

This colorful bumpy ball is so much popular and appreciated toy among parents for babies. Multiple color beads with big knobs on balls make this toy easy for baby to grasp and bold patterns help to develop baby’s sense of vision. This softball construction is appropriate for baby’s environment

It also promotes development of gross motor skills like sitting on own, whole body movement including locomotion and coordination. Most popular learning toy for babies.

4. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

One of the best-selling and award-winning chewable toothbrush and recommended by every parents. Made from 100% Food Grade silicone teething toothbrush best for kids 3-12 months of age. Its design of peeling handle make it easy for baby to hold and reduces risk of injury, providing the safest learning experience possible. Easily washable and freezer friendly.

Baby Banana Brush is safer than other hard plastic toothbrushes. It develops good oral hygiene early, preventing cavities later and help to massage sore teething gums. Best learning toy in early age.

5. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

A big headache start when baby start crawling and walking. At this point of time parents want something on which baby can play and enjoy moving by taking the first step of their life. That should be comfortable and safe for baby to sit and play. Then this is the best thing which you are looking for. Best gift for babies you can give on baby shower or birthday.

Jumperoo is the best design for babies who are learning to walk. Soft-sided overhead toy bar with squirrel roller ball and two woodland friends spinners make this jumperoo enjoyable for every baby. Its light-up musical piano will help your baby in a happy and funny mood.

You can open it up from the top and seat can rotate 360 degrees so that baby can play and interact from any side. This jumperoo is becoming a popular and bestselling item for babies.

6. Kids puzzle alphabet, numbers and edges play mat

gifts for baby

Lightweight puzzles piece are safe, soft and durable mat for baby to crawl on. Best for those who have hardwood floor. It contains 36 foam pieces with removable letters and numbers. Every removable piece is made from different color which stimulates your baby’s early child development. It’s best features is that it is very easy to use and clean. Made for the baby of age 3 months and more.

It helps to increase their learning skills while playing. The letters on the mat will boost their memory. Easy to break and store. Best gift items for babies which make them learn so many things in the early stage.

Most of the parents recommend this mat as this mat is soft and not make their child’s knee rub and prevent to become red.

7. Sleeping toys for 3-24 Months Newborns:

It’s soft and stuffing material are easy to grab for babies little hands. This toy will be best for newborn babies or less than 6 months. Soft teat design on mouth makes them chew this soft toys easily.

To prevent the impact of child sleep, so the Infant Pacifier is taken away after the child falling asleep. Do not soak in water for a long time and sterile with boiling water every day.

Newborns less than six months of age or babies without teeth in his crib, sitting in the high chair, or traveling in the car, your little one will enjoy hours of interactive play and exploration with this cute, cuddly toy.

8. Bead buddy giraffe for baby

Adorable and very appropriate for your children and grandchildren which help them to develop sensory & motor skills while having loads of fun. This cute Bead Buddy Giraffe is a rattle that baby can grip and shake for fun.

This bead buddy giraffe rattle features brightly colored beads and click-clack rings which will produce nice sound when they will shake it. Great for little hands, this adorable rattle will quickly become baby’s best buddy.

9. Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy:

The fun will go along with your baby with this rock maracas musical toy. Soft pom pom bottom is best for babies to grasp and shake it well. Colorful beads with rattle sounds will delight babies. Help strengthen baby’s sensory skills & gross motor skills. Fun at home or on the go! Best gift for them which they will love to have it.

10. Baby Einstein Octoplush:

Soft and decent look octoplush is a great gift to make them learn different colors. You can squeeze each leg to hear color names in English, Spanish, and French. Patterns of the color names are also printed on the underside of each leg in multiple languages for growing babies.

It is safe for kids of all ages. Babies more than 6 months can hug and hear melody music and explore the textures for tactile development.

Hope you like this collection and found some useful gift items for babies. Share this list with your parenting friends on facebook or email them. This will definitely help them a lot and will thank you for this. If you have more recommendation, feel free to share, we would love to share your ideas in our post.

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