Load your smartphone with these top 10 best fitness apps of 2017 that will maximize your fitness result and keep you motivated.

We live in a world with full of workload, which becomes a cause of mental stress, cheap pleasures, ups and downs which affect both our diet as well as our health. To maintain healthy soul and body it is necessary to do some workouts which keep you motivating and help to reduce your stress.

That’s why we collect some cool and best Fitness App which will coach you and track your progress for maximum results and keep you motivated.

These Fitness App will track your steps taken, calories burned, and heart rate by providing fitness training session according to your ability anywhere and anytime. Now no need to hire a personal coach as you will carry your fitness coach in pockets.

Performing physical workout and tracking your ability is the best way to get motivated. We have researched some best rating Fitness App that can push you in right direction.

Best fitness Apps:

1. Fitbit Fitness App (Android, iOS, Windows Phone):

Best Fitness Apps

Most popular and latest fitness App is designed to track your all-day physical activities. With this App you can count your steps taken, calories consume and burn, heart rate, log your weight and even record your blood pressure and glucose levels with smart track automatic recognition.

Primarily, it was designed to work with the Fitbit wearable activity tracker during exercise and workout which make this app easier to use. But without tracker also it will record a good amount of information about your workout and physical activities.

2. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App (Android, iOS):

Best Fitness Apps

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App is the fast and simple way to work out anywhere, anytime. It’s like holding a gym in your hand while traveling. Best App for beginners, as this fitness App will guide them like their personal trainer.

This Johnson & Johnson App contain 72 exercise and 22 additional workouts which will guide you to keep moving in varying duration and intensity.

This 7 minute workout App include jumping jacks, wall chair, cycling or knee running in place, crunches, plank, side plank, triceps dips using a chair, and a few other moves.

The cool thing about this Fitness App is that users can also create their own custom workout routine.

The 7 Minute Workout App is portable, powerful, and proven. It’s smart workout features will measure your fitness level and recommend you different workout programs along with intensity increases. Best latest App for people of all age group.

3. Charity Miles Fitness App (Android, iOS):

Best Fitness Apps

How you will react if I tell you that you can earn money for charity by doing a physical workout. Yes, it’s true, some corporate sponsors agree to donate a few cents for every mile you complete. Every time you run, walk, or bicycle by using this fitness App, it will give light to others needy people.

This App will track your exercise and fitness activities by GPS. While going for walk or run, pick a charity where you want to donate and start your physical activities. You will earn 10 cents a mile for biking and 25 cents a mile for walking and running for charity.

I think this is awesome fitness App which will keep you fit and motivated by adding value to it.

4. Cyclemeter Fitness App (iOS):

Best Fitness Apps

Best and simple App for bicycle riders. This iOS-only app will help you to track your journey on the bicycle. It will help you to collect accurate data while walking, running, cycling and other physical activities too.

You can also post your workout online by using this Cyclemeter App. it can also be used like a tracker for others physical activities.

5. Fit-Star Fitness App (Android, iOS):

Best Fitness Apps

Fit star fitness App work like your personal trainer and help to improve your fitness and stamina by using a mix of squats, planks, bridges, twists, leg-lifts, and yoga moves to make you stronger in your daily life.

This Fitness App will work accordingly based on your fitness level and physical abilities. Initially, you can start with an easy workout and rate them which exercise was tough, easy and right.

So that this information can be used to create a new routine workout plan which will help you in right way.

6. JEFIT Workout App (Android, iOS):

Best Fitness Apps

One of best fitness App for heavy workout users in a gym. This fitness App provides unbelievable resources to perform strength and body building exercise by creating daily workout routines. Users can easily record their workout and design their fitness routine for more improvement.

This App acts as personal trainers in your pocket which will guide and analyses your body building and strengthen workout to maximize the result.

Its detailed instruction, fitness planner, exercise log, performance trackers will synchronize your JetFit profile and guide you accordingly.

7. Lose It! App (Android, iOS):

Best Fitness Apps

A good physical workout is nothing without a balanced diet to back it up. Lose it specially made for the users who are suffering from heavyweight and want to control their calories consume.

This fitness App provides exercise planner, calorie counter along with recipe builder, which make them stay healthy within a daily calorie budget.

Along with the best nutrition and wellness goal, it is also associated with other health and fitness organization like Fitbit, MapMyFitness, Nike+ and Strava to make your fitness level better. Best fitness App for people who really want to lose their weight and it also help to maintain a healthy diet.

8. Map My Fitness App (Android, iOS):

Best Fitness Apps

As the name sounds, Map My Fitness provides the widest range of physical activities from exercise to sports. The company which launched Make My Run app for runner and Make My Ride for cyclists, now launched Make My Fitness which provides a wide range of fitness levels sports activities. No need to download a different app, as this Map My Fitness app you can use to track all activities and workouts.

This App has more than 600 activities but the free app keeps you away from some features which you can get after paying subscription only. Map My Fitness App track you travel route and show, a map of the area covered by you in both time and distance with your maximum speed.

9. My Fitness Pal App (Android, iOS):

Best Fitness Apps

Like other fitness App, My Fitness Pal mobile App have tools which will track your diet and exercise to predict calorie intake through food and how much you burnt through physical activities and workouts.

This fitness App contains large database of over 5 million foods and drinks which make it easy to use and track even food items intake. I think this is great App for diet and health conscious people which track your food in day and night.

10. Pear Personal Coach Fitness App (Android, iOS):

Best Fitness Apps

Initially, you need to enter all your detailed information like age, sex, weight and height so that this app can predict out how many calories you need to burn. After selecting your interested workout, it will suggest you training program accordingly.

Pear personal app coach will talks you through all physical activities and guide you in training session. Different training session like heart rate calibration session, you required heart rate monitor which will track your heart rate during walking, jogging, running and doing other physical workouts.

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At the end, App will show you a chart of heart rate zones. An excellent fitness app that gives you real-time coaching and adjusts workout based on your calibrated heart rate zones.

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