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    5 Reason why you should drink water before coffee/tea

    5 reason why you should drink water before tea or coffee

    What is the first thing you do after waking up to start your day fresh? Is that drinking tea/coffee? This is what most of the population do in morning to start their day fresh. But think about it, is drinking tea gives actual freshness to your body? No doubt it alerts your mind and kick-start […]

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    10 Life Changing Morning Habits of Successful People You Can Adopt

    What are those things which make people highly successful in their work? What do they do for best results? We all thinks about all these. Right? Well! Morning is a great time to start anything new. When it comes to living a productive and crunchy life, your habits will be one of key factors that […]

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    Yoga For Beginners: 10 Easy Yoga Position for beginners

    Yoga Pose for beginners

    Stretch your body, relax your mind and fill your soul with peace. 10 Easy yoga pose for beginners to let them start effortlessly. Learn here how to start simple yoga pose initially. Know yoga benefits while performing. How often it happened, when you start thinking of doing yoga and see some difficult limb twisting pose […]

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    50 Best Life Lessons Advice from an 80-Year-Old Man [Infographic]

    50 Life Lessons Advice from an 80-Year-Old Man Infographic

    I found this wonderful list of advice on twitter and decided to make an Infographic on it. These are universal lessons and anyone can follow these advice no matter what your age is. These lessons are given by an 80-year-old experienced person who already lived and experienced things in his own life. Life teaches us […]

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    6 Things You Should Avoid After a Meal [Infographic]

    6 Things never do after eating [Infographic]

    We all love eating food, but you know there are certain things we should avoid after eating food. Most of the people have the habit to lay down, drinking tea, taking shower without even knowing how worse it will effect our body. Why we should not lay down after having a meal or avoid smoke […]

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    10 Healthy Fruits You Should Eat Daily for Healthy Lifestyle

    fruits to eat daily

    Fruits are not just healthy but delicious too. Because of daily workload, we forget to maintain our health and diet, which cause many disease and weakness in our body. So, it’s vital to get the sufficient energy for your daily activities and body function. And foods are the best energy source to keep you active […]